March 14 2020

Character posters & teaser trailer #2 for MBC drama series “365: Repeat The Year”

3 character posters and teaser trailer #2 added for MBC drama series “365: Repeat The Year” starring Lee Joon-Hyuk, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Kim Ji-Soo. The character posters are of Lee Joon-Hyuk as Ji Hyung-Joo, Nam Ji-Hyun as Shin Ga-Hyun, and Kim Ji-Soo as Lee Shin. Caption on Lee Joon-Hyuk’s poster states in Korean “If I can turn back, I will do anything I can,” 
Nam Ji-Hyun’s poster asks “Am I invited to the game which risks destiny?,” 
and Kim Ji-Soo’s poster states “I will give a chance to go back to the past.”

“365: Repeat The Year” first airs March 23, 2020 in South Korea.

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