May 23 2018

Character posters for OCN drama series “Life on Mars”

Here’s character posters for upcoming OCN drama series “Life on Mars” starring Jung Kyoung-HoPark Sung-Woong and Ko Ah-Sung. The 6 character posters are of Jung Kyoung-Ho, Park Sung-Woong and Ko Ah-Sung.

For the aqua colored background character posters, the caption on Jung Kyoung-Ho’s poster states in Korean “Year 1988? Is this a dream? Or am I crazy?” Caption on Park Sung-Woong’s poster states “While talking about evidence, people die. Do you know that?” Caption for Ko Ah-Sung’s poster states “I will do that! Revealing the truth, it is very necessary.”

“Life on Mars” first airs June 9, 2018 in South Korea.

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