September 17 2018

Supporting cast announced for movie “What Is Love”

5 supporting cast members have been announced for upcoming movie “What Is Love” (literal title) starring Yukino Kishii and Ryo Narita. The newly announced supporting cast members are Mai Fukagawa (former member of ‘Nogizaka46’), Ryuya Wakaba, Reiko Kataoka, Mariko Tsutsui and Noriko Eguchi. The film is based on 2003 novel “Ai ga Nanda” by Mitsuyo Kakuta and directed by Rikiya Imaizumi.

For the supporting characters, Mai Fukagawa will play Yoko. She is friends with lead female character Teruko (Yukino Kishii). Ryuya Wakaba will play Nakamura. He understands Teruko well and likes Yoko. Reiko Kataoka will play the boss of Teruko. Mariko Tsutsui will play Yoko’s mother and Noriko Eguchi will play Sumire.

“What Is Love” is now targeted for release sometime during spring, 2019 in Japan.


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