September 25 2018

Miona Hori cast in live-action film “Hot Gimmick”

Miona Hori  from idol group ‘Nogizaka46’ is cast for the lead role in live-action film “Hot Gimmick.” Also cast in major supporting character roles are Hiroya Shimizu, Mizuki Itagaki and Shotaro Mamiya. The film is based on manga “Hot Gimmick” by Miki Aihara and will be directed by Yuki Yamato. In the film, Miona Hori will play Hatsumi Narita. She lives in apartment complex where her childhood friend Azusa Odagiri (Mizuki Itagaki) returns. Hiroya Shimizu will play Ryoki Tachibana and Shotaro Mamiya will play Shinogu Narita.

Filming for “Hot Gimmick” will begin mid-October, 2018 and the movie will be released sometime next year in Japan.


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