July 18 2020

Actor Haruma Miura passes away on July 18, 2020

Actor Haruma Miura was found deceased at his home around 1PM on July 18, 2020 in Minato, Tokyo. He was found hanging and was transferred to a hospital, but he was later pronounced dead. The police are investigating his death under the assumption that he took his own life. A suicide note was also found nearby. Haruma Miura was a popular actor that appeared in many popular movies and drama series including “Sky of Love,” “Attack on Titan,” and “Samurai Seventeen.” Condolences goes out to his family and friends.

6 Responses to “Actor Haruma Miura passes away on July 18, 2020”

  1. Kllara

    May his soul rest in peace… How much he must have suffered that he took his own life….

  2. dekhens

    Its sad and heart-breaking knowing that you’re no longer in this world anymore. Still can’t believe that you took your own life, yesterday I’m listening your song, smiling to myself while remembering your Dorama and thinking how do you do. Its so suddenly and feel surreal but reality is so cruel. Hope you find what you looking for, rest in peace beautiful soul. And anyone who triggered whit this news you should contact someone you trust. Let them help you and please life.

  3. Gucci

    Still can’t believe you’re gone. May you find peace in the arms of the Lord. You will be missed. @>-;–

  4. Amares Vega

    Your my childhood😢😭 your smiles always brightened up my day 😊when I watched and listened to his works and I admire the talent he had and I still do. May you be happy where ever you are Rest in Peace Miura beautiful soul. Why does this keep on happening in the entertainment world its too cruel this needs to Change.

  5. Chandra

    My heartfelt condolence for the demise of the actor Haruma Miura. Among all his works I love the movie Boku no Ita Jikan. This movie made me realize, life is uncertain but how you live and what you achieve in life makes a huge impression that remains forever. I hope his struggle in real-life wasn’t as bad as his role in the movie, yet I still don’t believe that he is gone. Rest in peace…. you will be remembered.

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