Jul 3 2017

Yuki Sakurai and Issei Takahashi cast in movie “The Limit of Sleeping Beauty”

Yuki Sakurai is cast for the lead role in movie “The Limit of Sleeping Beauty.” Movie is written and directed by Ken NinomiyaIssei Takahashi is cast in a major supporting role. In the film, Yuki Sakurai will play Aki Oria. She came to Tokyo ten years ago to become an actress, but now works as an assistant to a magician. On stage, she pretends to be hypnotized. She has lost for passion for life. Her stage act leads to Aki Oria drifting between states of illusion and reality. Issei Takahashi will play Aki Oria’s boyfriend.

“The Limit of Sleeping Beauty” will be released October, 2017 in Japan.

Jul 3 2017

First still images and teaser trailer #2 for KBS2 drama series “School 2017”

Teaser trailer #2 for KBS2 drama series “School 2017” starring Kim Se-Jeong (‘Gugudan’), Kim Jung-Hyun and Jang Dong-Yoon. Meanwhile, here’s the first still images of Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Jung-Hyun and Jang Dong-Yoon in the drama series. The three still images are from the first day of filming for the drama series, which took place recently in Seoul, South Korea.

“School 2017” first airs July 17, 2017 in South Korea.

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Jul 3 2017

Filming for Kim Ki-Duk’s “The Time of Humans” finishes

Filming for Kim Ki-Duk directed film “The Time of Humans” finished recently. The movie stars an eclectic group of performers including Jang Keun-Suk, Ryoo Seung-Bum, Ahn Sung-Ki, Lee Sung-Jae, Mina Fujii and Joe Odagiri. The pictures here were taken during the final days of filming, which began last month. Story for the film takes place on a battleship with a wide variety of people on the ship. They include a gang boss played by Ryoo Seung-Bum, a cruel guy named Adam played by Jang Keun-Suk, a Japanese woman named Eve played by Mina Fuji and her boyfriend played by Joe Odagiri.

“The Time of Humans” should be released later this year in South Korea.

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Jul 1 2017

Teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Criminal Minds”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Criminal Minds” starring Lee Joon-Gi and Moon Chae-Won.

In addition, the first seven still images have been released from the drama series. The still images are of (left to right from top) Son Hyun-Joo, Lee Joon-Gi, Moon Chae-Won, Lee Sun-Bin, Go Yoon, Yoo-Sun and Kim Young-Chul.  All seven of the characters are agents of the NCI.

“Criminal Minds” first airs July 26, 2017 in South Korea.

Jul 1 2017

Eric (‘Shinhwa’) and Na Hye-Mi marries …

Eric from Kpop group ‘Shinhwa’ and actress Na Hye-Mi married today, July 1, 2017, at Youngnak Church in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. There were rumors that Eric and Na Hye-Mi were dating back in 2014, but at that time they denied the rumors. Fast forward to February, 2017 and the couple confessed they were dating. The couple have never worked together professionally as of yet.


Jun 30 2017

English subtitled teaser trailer for movie “Midnight Runners”

English subtitled teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “Midnight Runners” starring Park Seo-Joon and Kang Ha-Neul. Meanwhile, here’s two new character posters of Park Seo-Joon and Kang Ha-Neul for the movie. The caption on Park Seo-Joon’s character poster states “Let’s catch them by ourselves!,” while the caption on Kang Ha-Neul’s states “Do as you were taught! It works!” The captions explain the differences between the two characters. Ki-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) is completely gung-ho and acts before thinking. Hee-Yeol (Kang Ha-Neul ) is cerebral and values principles.

“Midnight Runners” opens August, 2017 in South Korea.

Jun 30 2017

Teaser trailer for live-action film “Anonymous Noise”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming live-action film “Anonymous Noise” (literal title) starring Ayami Nakajo, Jun Shison and Yuta Koseki. The teaser trailer features ending theme song “Find You” by rock band Man with a Mission. The group consists of 5 members: Tokyo Tanaka, Jean-Ken Johnny, Kamikaze Boy, DJ Santa Monica and Spear Rib. Movie “Anonymous Noise” is based on manga series “Fukumenkei Noizu” by Ryoko Fukuyama.

“Anonymous Noise” opens November 25, 2017 in Japan.