May 12 2017

English subtitled trailer for movie “Her Sketchbook”

English subtitled trailer added for movie “Her Sketchbook” (English title) starring Mugi Kadowaki & Takahiro Miura. Movie is written and directed by Masaya Ozaki. In movie “Her Sketchbook,” Mugi Kadowaki plays main character Masami Konuma. Her character is a hikkimori and otaku. After not leaving her house for years, her father finally finds her a job at a video gaming company. It turns out she is also quite gifted in drawing manga.

“Her Sketchbook” opens July 15, 2017 in Japan.

May 12 2017

Park Hae-Jin cast in new drama series “Four Men”

Park Hae-Jin is cast in new drama series “Four Men” (literal title). In the drama series, Park Hae-Jin will play 4 different characters. Network and airing date has yet to be decided. The genre for the drama series will be a combination of mystery and romance. Park Hae-Jin is currently starring in popular JTBC drama series “Man to Man.” Filming for “For Men” will begin in the second half of this year.

May 12 2017

Ryoo Joon-Yeol and Yoo Ji-Tae cast in movie “Money”

Ryoo Joon-Yeol and Yoo Ji-Tae are cast in new movie “Money” (literal title). Movie will be the first film directed by Park Noo-Ri. He has previously worked as an assistant director on movies “The Unjust,” “The Berlin File” and “Man In Love.” In the upcoming film, Ryoo Joon-Yeol will play new stock broker Il-Hyun. He is recruited to join a stock market scam orchestrated by Beonhopyo (Yoo Ji-Tae). The still images above and below are from the first script reading for the film which took place recently.

“Money” will be released sometime next year in South Korea. Read more »

May 12 2017

Naomi Watanabe cast in live-action TBS drama series “Kanna-san”

Comedian/actress Naomi Watanabe is cast in new TBS live-action drama series “Kanna-san.” The drama series is based on manga series “Kanna san!” by Kahoru Fukaya and screenplay adaptation by Magi. In the drama series, Naomi Watanabe will play Kanna Suzuki. Her character works as a fashion designer and is married to a handsome man. Things get difficult for her after she learns her husband is having an affair and she kicks him out of their house. Kanna Suzuki must now juggle her job and raising her son alone.

“Kanna-san” first airs July, 2017 in Japan.

May 12 2017

On Joo-Wan cast in MBC drama series “Man Who Sets the Table”

On Joo-Wan is cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Man Who Sets the Table” co-starring Sooyoung. On Joo-Wan wil play lead male character Jung Tae-Yang. His character travels around the world and goes by the “You Only Live Once” motto. Jung Tae-Yang places priority on his happiness, but he also carries an emotional scar. He meets a woman played by Sooyoung who travels overseas after failing to land a corporate job.

“Man Who Sets the Table” first airs September, 2017 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Saturday and Sunday 8:45PM time slot after “You Are Too Much.”)

May 11 2017

Main cast returns for JTBC drama series “Age of Youth Season 2”

Han Ye-Ri, Han Seung-Yeon, Park Eun-Bin, Ryu Hwa-Young and Park Hye-Soo are now cast for JTBC drama series “Age of Youth Season 2.” All 5 ladies appeared in season 1 of JTBC drama series “Age of Youth.”

Meanwhile, actor Kim Min-Suk has been offered a lead male role in the drama series and he is currently considering the offer positively. If he accepts, Kim Min-Suk will play Seo Jang-Hoon. Setup for season 2 has Ryu Hwa-Young’s Kang Yi-Na moving out of the share house, but she will appear in the drama series. Two new girls are scripted as regulars for “Age of Youth Season 2,” with one of the new girls living in the share house with the other 4 girls from season 1.

“Age of Youth Season 2” will first air August, 2017 in South Korea.

May 11 2017

English subtitled teaser for movie “Birds Without Names”

English subtitled teaser trailer for upcoming movie “Birds Without Names” (English title) starring Yu Aoi, Sadao Abe, Tori Matsuzaka & Yutaka Takenouchi. Movie is based on the novel “Kanojo ga Sono Mei wo Shiranai Toritachi” by Mahokaru Numata and directed by Kazuya Shiraishi. The teaser trailer begins with the familiar piano piece “Variations on a Theme of Paganini” found in movie “Confessions,” but the ending features a dreamy time change ala a classic Mojave 3 song.

“Birds Without Names” opens October 28, 2017 in Japan.

May 11 2017

Kim Nam-Gil and Kim A-Joong offered lead roles in tvN drama series “Deserving of the Name”

Kim Nam-Gil and Kim A-Joong have been offered lead roles in new tvN drama series “Deserving of the Name” (working and literal title).  Currently the two performers are “positively considering” their offers. The drama series will revolve around Joseon era oriental doctor Heo Im (Kim Nam-Gil if he accepts). He somehow travels through time and ends up in present day Seoul. There, he meets physician Choi Yeon-Kyung (Kim A-Joong if she accepts). Choi Yeon-Kyung doesn’t believe in oriental medicine and is prickly to other people. The character of Heo Im is based on a real life historical figure.

“Deserving of the Name” will first air August, 2017 in South Korea.

May 11 2017

Trailer for movie “Papa no Obento wa Sekai Ichi”

Trailer added for movie “Papa no Obento wa Sekai Ichi” (literally “Papa’s Lunch Box Is the Best in the World”) starring Toshimi Watanabe & Rena Takeda. The trailer begins with Midori (Rena Takeda) picking up a note next to her lunch box which was written by her father (Toshimi Watanabe). The note says  “Midori, from today papa will make you a lunch box.”

“Papa no Obento wa Sekai Ichi” opens June 10, 2017 in Japan.