Sep 12 2018

Teaser trailer and teaser poster for movie “Intimate Strangers”

A “launching” teaser trailer and teaser poster added for movie “Intimate Strangers” starring Yu Hae-Jin, Cho Jin-Woong, Lee Seo-Jin, Yum Jung-Ah, Yoon Kyung-Ho and Kim Ji-Soo. The film is directed by Lee Jae-Kyu (“The Fatal Encounter“.) The drama-comedy film follows a group of adult friends who play a game involving their cellphones while at a dinner party.

“Intimate Strangers” will be released October, 2018 in South Korea.

Sep 12 2018

Jung Yu-Mi cast in movie “Kim Ji-Young Born 1982”

Jung Yu-Mi is cast in new movie “Kim Ji-Young Born 1982” (literal title). The film is based on 2016 novel “82nyeonsaeng Kimjiyoung” by Jo Nam-Joo and directed by first time feature film director Kim Do-Young. Jung Yu-Mi will play title character Kim Ji-Young. As an ordinary Korean women, Kim Ji-Young faces gender discrimination.

Filming for “Kim Ji-Young Born 1982” will begin sometime during the first half of 2019 in South Korea.

Sep 12 2018

Poster and trailer for movie “Konomichi”

Poster and trailer for movie “Konomichi” starring Nao Omori and Akira (EXILE). The film is based on an original screenplay by Riko Sakaguchi and directed by Kiyoshi Sasabe. The film follows two men (who were real people) who are tasked to write children’s songs. They are then ordered to write a song to help get children onto the battlefield during the war.

“Konomichi” will be released January 11, 2019 in Japan.

Sep 12 2018

Teaser trailer #2 for SBS drama series “Where Stars Land”

Teaser trailer #2 for SBS drama series “Where Stars Land” (English title) starring Lee Je-HoonChae Soo-Bin and Lee Dong-Gun. The literal title of the drama series is “Fox Bride Star” (“Yeowoogakshibyeol”). Teaser trailer #2 features actual footage from the drama series for the first time. The drama series is set at Incheon International Airport.

“Where Stars Land” first airs October 1, 2018 (takes over SBS’ Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Still 17“).

Sep 11 2018

2 main posters for tvN drama series “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”

Here’s two main posters for upcoming tvN drama series “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” starring Seo In-GukJung So-Min and Park Sung-Woong. The Korean caption on the posters states “The night I lost everything, you poured down.” The wording refers to Yoo Jin-Kang (Jung So-Min) arriving in Kim Moo-Young’s (Seo In-Guk) life like a savior. Prior to her appearance, Yoo Jin-Kang did not have anyone around him.

“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” first airs October 3, 2018 in South Korea.

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Sep 11 2018

Jin Se-Yun cast in MBC drama series “Item”

Jin Se-Yun is cast for the lead female role role in upcoming MBC drama series “Item” co-starring Ju Ji-Hoon. Jin Se-Yun and Ju Ji-Hoon previously worked together in 2012 SBS drama series “Five Fingers.” For drama series “Item,” Jin Se-Yun will play Shin So-Young. She works as a criminal profiler. Shin So-Young and Kang Gon (Ju Ji-Hoon) work together on a case involving things with supernatural powers. Drama series is based on webcomic “Item” by Min Hyung.

“Item” will first air January, 2019 in South Korea.