Jan 14 2019

IU offered lead female role in tvN drama series “Hotel del Luna”

IU has been offered the lead female role in new tvN drama series “Hotel del Luna.” Currently, IU is considering the offer. If she accepts, she will play the character of Jang Man-Wol. She is the CEO of Hotel de Luna and has lived under a curse for over a 1,000 years.

“Hotel del Luna” will first air sometime during the second half of 2019 in South Korea.

Jan 11 2019

Main poster and teaser trailer #3 for tvN drama series “Touch Your Heart”

Main poster and teaser trailer #3 added for tvN drama series “Touch Your Heart” starring Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In-Na. Teaser trailer #3 is a character teaser of Oh Yoon-Seo played by Yoo In-Na. Caption on the main poster in Korean (middle) states “Goddess of the Universe, Fake Employment Romance.” Caption on the right side of the poster states “Would you stay still.” Caption on the left side states “You are my boss. You must like (me) so much.”

Jan 11 2019

Shin Hyun-Bin cast in tvN drama series “Confession”

Shin Hyun-Bin is cast in upcoming tvN drama series “Confession” (literal title) co-starring Lee Joon-Ho and Yoo Jae-Myung. Shin Hyun-Bin will play lead female character Ha Yoo-Ri. Her character is best friends with Choi Do-Hyun (Lee Joon-Ho). Ha Yoo-Ri used to work as a reporter and now works as a fledgling YouTuber. She also helps Choi Do-Hyun work at his law office. While doing that, Han Yoo-Ri faces a shocking truth.

“Confession” first airs March, 2019 in South Korea.

Jan 11 2019

Namgung Min cast in KBS2 drama series “Doctor Prisoner”

Namgung Min is cast in KBS2 drama series “Doctor Prisoner.” The drama series will have Hwang In-Hyuk (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal“) directing and Park Kye-Ok (“Inspiring Generation“) writing the screenplay. In “Doctor Prisoner,” Namgung Min will play main character Na Yi-Je. He once worked as a surgeon at a hospital, but an incident causes him to lose that job. He then works as the chief of a prison medical clinic.

“Doctor Prisoner” first airs March, 2019 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Wednesday & Thursday 10PM time slot after “Liver or Die.”).

Jan 10 2019

Yoo Jae-Myung cast in tvN drama series “Confession”

Yoo Jae-Myung is cast in tvN drama series “Confession” (literal title) starring Lee Joon-Ho (‘2PM’). For the drama series, Yoo Jae-Myung will play second lead male role Ki Choon-Ho. He was once a detective squad chief, but, after a murder suspect was acquitted, he quit his job. He is convinced the murder suspect is guilty and continues to chase the suspect.

“Confession” first airs March, 2019 in South Korea.

Jan 10 2019

Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Legal High”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Legal High” starring Jin Goo and Seo Eun-Su. The drama series is a remake of 2012 Fuji TV drama series “Legal High” starring Masato Sakai and Yui Aragaki. Meanwhile, below is the first teaser poster of the drama series. The teaser poster is of Jin Goo as Ko Tae-Rim. He is a lawyer with a 100% win rate. He cares only about winning his cases and he charges extremely high fees from his customers.

“Legal High” first airs February 8, 2019 in South Korea.

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