Mar 10 2016

Teaser trailer for movie “Come To See Me”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming mystery-thriller film “Come To See Me” (literal title) starring Gang Ye-Won & Lee Sang-Yoon. Movie is directed by Lee Chul-Ha (“Love Me Not“).

Premise for the film has Gang Ye-Won playing Kang Soo-A. Her character is kidnapped in broad daylight and brought to a psychiatric hospital. There, she undergoes a nightmarish experience. A year later, a TV PD played by Lee Sang-Yoon learns about her experience and seeks her out to uncover the truth.

“Come To See Me” will be released sometime this April in South Korea.

Mar 10 2016

Haruka Shimazaki cast in movie “Haunted Campus”

AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki is cast in upcoming horror-mystery film “Haunted Campus” also starring Yuma Nakayama & Kentaro Yasui. Movie is based on the novel “Haunted Campus” by Riu Kushiki.

In movie “Haunted Campus,” Haruka Shimazaki will play lead female role Koyomi Nada. Main male character Shinji Yagami (Yuma Nakayama) has feelings for her and they join an occult research group at their university. Shinji Yagam is easily frightened because he can see ghosts. The occult research group attempts to solve a haunted campus mystery.

“Haunted Campus” will be released July 2, 2016 in Japan.


Mar 9 2016

First still image of Shun Oguri in live-action film “Museum”

Here’s the first still image of Shun Oguri in upcoming live-action film “Museum.” Movie is based on manga series “Museum” by Ryosuke Tomoe and directed by Keishi Ohtomo (“Rurouni Kenshin“). For movie “Museum,” Shun Oguri plays a detective out to catch a killer. The detective soon realizes that his wife and child is the killer’s next target.

“Museum” will be released sometime autumn, 2016 in Japan.

Mar 9 2016

Yeo Jin-Goo’s teaser poster for SBS drama series “Jackpot”

Here’s Yeo Jin-Goo‘s teaser poster for upcoming SBS drama series “Jackpot” also starring Jang Keun-Suk & Lim Ji-Yeon.

In drama series “Jackpot,” Yeo Jin-Goo plays Prince Yeoning (who later becomes King Yeongjo). His mother, Concubine Choi (Yoon Jin-Seo), worked as a maid in the palace. Due to his mother’s background, Prince Yeoning endures a cruel situation. His situation leads him to become a cold person.

Jackpot first airs March 28, 2016 in South Korea.

Mar 9 2016

Erika Toda cast in live-action film “Death Note 2016”

Erika Toda is cast in upcoming live-action film “Death Note 2016” also starring Masahiro Higashide, Sosuke Ikematsu & Masaki Suda. Erika Toda made her movie acting debut in 2006 film “Death Note” and also appeared in “Death Note: The Last Name”  and “L: Change the World.”

In “Death Note 2016,” Erika Toda will reprise her role of Misa Amane. In the film, which is set 10 years later, Misa Amane has lost her memory of the death note since she gave up possession of it, but her love for Kira has not disappeared. Misa Amane works as an actress. Her memory of the confrontation between Kira and L becomes a key to the chaos caused by the 6 current death notes.

Release date for “Death Note 2016” is now set for October 29, 2016 in Japan.

Mar 9 2016

Main trailer for movie “The Magnificent Nine”

Main trailer & English subtitled teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “The Magnificent Nine” (English title) starring Sadao Abe, Eita, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Karen Iwata, Yuko Takeuchi & Ryuhei Matsuda. Movie is based on the story“Kokudaya Juzaburo” by Michifumi Isoda (“Abacus and Sword“) and directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (“Fish Story“).

Story for “The Magnificent Nine” is set in 18th century Japan and revolves a poor town that is mired in poverty due to heavy taxes owed to its feudal lord. Residents scheme a plan to make money for its residents, but if they are discovered they will lose their heads literally.

“The Magnificent Nine” opens May 14, 2016 in Japan.

Mar 9 2016

Chun Jung-Myung & Cho Jae-Hyun cast in KBS2 drama series “Master: God of Noodles”

Chun Jung-Myung & Cho Jae-Hyun are cast in new KBS2 drama series “Master: God of Noodles” (literal title). The drama series is based on the comic “Kooksooui Sin” by Park In-Kwon.

In “Master: God of Noodles,” Chun Jung-Myung will play the lead role of Moo-Myung. His character tries to become the god of noodles to take revenge on Kim Gil-Do for what he did to his father. Cho Jae-Hyun will play Kim Gil-Do. His character decided to become evil to survive his tough situation.

“Master: God of Noodles” will air Wednesdays & Thursdays at 10PM beginning April 20, 2016 in South Korea (takes over the time slot currently occupied by”Descendants of the Sun“).