Nov 22 2016

Hiroshi Abe cast in movie “Kukai”

Hiroshi Abe is cast in China-Japan co-produced film “Kukai” starring Shota Sometani. Movie is directed by Chen Kaige.

In the film, Hiroshi Abe will play historical figure Nakamaro Abe. He was a scholar, administrator and poet. Nakamaro Abe serves Emperor Xuanzong of Tang as a member of the Japanese mission to the Tang dynasty.

“Kukai” is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

Nov 22 2016

Teaser trailer #3 & teaser poster for SBS drama series “Love Is Drop by Drop”

Teaser trailer #3 & teaser poster added for upcoming SBS drama series “Love Is Drop by Drop” starring Wang Ji-Hye, Kang Eun-Tak, Kong Hyun-Joo & Kim Min-Soo. “Love Is Drop by Drop” is an upcoming SBS weekday evening drama series that will take over their 7:20PM time slot after “You Are a Gift.” Premise for the drama series follows a woman who falls in love with a man that received a heart transplant from the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

“Love Is Drop by Drop” first airs November 28, 2016 in South Korea.

Nov 22 2016

Teaser poster and teaser trailer for movie “Misbehavior”

Teaser poster and teaser trailer added for movie “Misbehavior” starring Kim Ha-Neul, Yu In-Young & Lee Won-Geun. Movie is written and directed by Kim Tae-Young (“Set Me Free“). Story for “Misbehavior” revolves around untenured high school teacher Hyo-Joo played by Kim Ha-Neul. She’s passed over for a permanent teaching position by Hye-Young played by Yu In-Young. Hye-Young is the daughter of the school board chairman. Hyo-Joo then sees Hye-Young in a romantic embrace at school with a student played by Lee Won-Geun. Revenge soon comes into play.

“Misbehavior” sometime during January, 2017 in South Korea.

Nov 22 2016

Kento Yamazaki & Alice Hirose cast in movie “Hyoka”

Kento Yamazaki & Alice Hirose are cast in new movie “Hyoka.” The film is based on 2001 novel “Hyoka” by Honobu Yonezawa and directed by Mari Asato. In the film, Kento Yamazaki will play Hotaro Oreki and Alice Hirose will play Eru Chitanda. They are high school students who both join the classic literature club. There, they take on various mysterious related to the school.

“Hyoka” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Nov 21 2016

Mikako Tabe & Issei Takahashi cast in Fuji TV drama SP “Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta”

Mikako Tabe & Issei Takahashi are cast in new Fuji TV drama SP “Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta.” The drama SP is directed by Takafumi Hatano & scripted by Satomi Oshima. In “Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta,” Mikako Tabe will play Riko Shirono. Although she works with romance apps, she doesn’t have any particular love interests in her personal life. Then she meets the CEO (Issei Takahashi) for app company TIMEIS. She helps the CEO woo a woman he is interested in, but Riko Shirono also becomes interested in the CEO.

“Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta” will air December 20, 2016 in Japan.

Nov 19 2016

Main trailer for movie “Hamon: Yakuza Boogie”

Main trailer for movie “Hamon: Yakuza Boogie” starring Kuranosuke Sasaki, Yu Yokoyama (‘Kanjani Eight’) & Keiko Kitagawa. Movie is based on Naoki Prize winning novel “Hamon” by Hiroyuki Kurokawa. Story for the film follows a yakuza member (Kuranosuke Sasaki) and a construction consultant (Yu Yokoyama) as they try to track down a movie producer who swindled money from a yakuza boss. Their chase leads them to Macao.

“Hamon: Yakuza Boogie” opens January 28, 2017 in Japan.

Nov 19 2016

Seika Furuhata cast in movie “The Werewolf Game: Lovers”

Seika Furuhata is cast in upcoming death-game film “The Werewolf Game: Lovers.” Movie is the fifth installment in the “The Werewolf Game” series. All of the films are based on novel “Jinro Gemu” by Ryo Kawakami. Also cast in supporting roles are Junya Ikeda, Ai Moritaka, Yuki Saso, Yuya Hirata, Megumi Mizoguchi and Koki Maeda. Premise for the film has past contestants in the “The Werewolf Game” taking part in the killing game with new positions of “Cupid” and “Lover” added to the game.

“The Werewolf Game: Lovers” will open January 28, 2017 in Japan.