Jun 2 2016

Teaser trailer for SBS drama series “Wanted”

First teaser trailer added for SBS drama series “Wanted” starring Kim A-Joong and Uhm Tae-Woong.

Meanwhile, the still images above are of Kim A-Joong from a scene in “Wanted.” Filming for this scene took place recently at an abandoned factory in Paju, South Korea.  The scene has Jung Hye-In (Kim A-Joong) attending a press conference for the movie “Mom” which she starred in.

Jun 1 2016

Kang Ha-Neul declines lead role drama series “Gaia”

Kang Ha-Neul has declined the lead male role upcoming drama series “Gaia.” Although airing network has yet to be finalized for “Gaia,” it’s possible it could air at the same time as SBS drama series “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” which Kang Ha-Neul will appear in as a major supporting character role. In addition, movie “Retrial” will begin filming this July and Kang Ha-Neul will be performing in the movie as a leading character. Thus, Kang Ha-Neul has declined to appear in “Gaia.”

Meanwhile, Yuri (‘Girls’ Generation’) and Chanyeol (‘EXO-K’) are still considering offers to the play lead female character and major supporting male character in the drama series. MBC is in discussions to air “Gaia” Mondays & Tuesdays at 10PM after “Monster.”

May 31 2016

Top 10 finalists for lead female role in SBS drama series “My Sassy Girl”

Top 10 finalists has been announced for the lead female role in upcoming SBS drama series “My Sassy Girl” starring Joo Won. The top 10 candidates were selected from a group of 89 candidates that in a second round of auditions that took place from May 29-30, 2016. Joo Won and director Oh Jin-Seok attended the auditions.

The 10 finalists are Kim Yoo-Ji, Kim Joo-Hyun, Park Se-Wan, Park Eun-Ji, Park Ji-Hyun, Bae Min-Jung, Vivian, Ji Su (‘Tahiti’), Jung In-Sun and Han Ji-Eun.

A final round of voting to select the lead actress from one of these 10 finalists will take place.

May 31 2016

First script reading for tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost”

First script reading for upcoming tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost,” starring TaecYeon (‘2PM’) & Kim So-Hyun, took place May 18, 2016 at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. For the first script reading main cast members TaecYeon, Kim So-Hyun, Kwon Yool, Kim Sang-Ho & Kang Ki-Young were all in attendance.

Ep.1 air date for “Let’s Fight Ghost” is now set for July 11, 2016 in South Korea.


May 31 2016

Satoshi Ono cast in movie “Shinobi no Kuni”

Satoshi Ono (‘Arashi’) cast in movie “Shinobi no Kuni.” The film is based on 2008 novel “Shinobi no Kuni” by Ryo Wada and directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (“The Snow White Murder Case“). The movie is a period film with Satoshi Ono playing a lazy, but elite shinobi (ninja). He kills a shinobi from another clan, which leads to a deadly war. Filming for “Shinobi no Kuni” begins this July and the movie will be released sometime during summer, 2017 in Japan.