Apr 8 2016

First still image of Yoon Si-Yoon in JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch”

Here’s the first still images of Yoon Si-Yoon in JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch” also starring Kim Sae-Ron.

The still images were taken from a shooting that took place April 4, 2016 on Jeju island. Setup for the scene has Heo Jun (Yoon Si-Yoon) wandering in a black forest. Heo Jun is smart and excels in sword fighting. Due to his social position (his mother is a concubine), he can’t take an exam to become a public officer. He helps others in difficult situations and he has a boiling blood dream to take revenge on the world.

“Mirror of the Witch” first airs May 13, 2016 in South Korea.


Apr 7 2016

Kentaro Sakaguchi & Miwa cast in movie “Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi”

Kentaro Sakaguchi & Miwa are cast in romance-fantasy film “Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi.” The movie that features characters traveling back in time is based on an original screenplay by Satomi Oshima (“My Darling is a Foreigner“) and directed by Sho Tsukikawa (“Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai“).

Story for the film has Miwa playing college student Aoi Hinata. She gets into an accident and wakes up a week earlier in class. Her longtime friend Riku Hasegawa played by Kentaro Sakaguchi reveals that he can turn back time. The two then go back in time 1 year and spend their days as boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s a secret about the time slip and also the day of the accident approaches again.

“Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi” will be released February, 2017 in Japan.

Apr 6 2016

Lee Soo-Hyuk cast in MBC drama series “Lucky Romance”

Lee Soo-Hyuk is cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Lucky Romance” starring Hwang Jung-Eum and Ryoo Joon-Yeol. Drama series is based on webcomic “Woonbbalromaenseu” by Kim Dal-Nim.

In drama series “Lucky Romance,” Lee Soo-Hyuk will play Choi Gun-Wook. His character is a famous tennis player. He moved to Canada as a child and now comes back to South Korea as a high ranked tennis player. Back when he was a child, he lived next door to Bo-Nui (Hwang Jung-Eu ). She is his first love.

“Lucky Romance” first airs May 11, 2016.

Apr 5 2016

First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Hwarang: The Beginning”

First script reading took place for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Hwarang: The Beginning” at the beginning of March, 2016. Their were two script readings that took place in early March. Main cast members including Park Seo-Joon, Go Ara, Park Hyung-Sik (“ZE:A”), Minho (“SHINee”), Do Ji-Han, Jo Yoon-Woo, V (“BTS”) & Lee Kwang-Soo were all in attendance. Lee Kwang-Soo will make a special appearance in the drama series.

“Hwarang: The Beginning” will first air sometime during the second half of this year in South Korea.

Apr 5 2016

Trailer for live-action movie “Moriyamachu Driving School”

Trailer added for live-action film “Moriyamachu Driving School” starring Shuhei Nomura & Kento Kaku. Movie is based on manga series “Moriyamachu Kyoshujo” by Keigo Shinzo and directed by Keisuke Toyoshima (“A Courtesan with Flowered Skin“). Story for the film has a high school student and a yakuza teen spending time at a driving school for the summer.

“Moriyamachu Driving School” will open July 9, 2016 in South Korea.