Mar 15 2018

Song Ji-Hyo and Chun Jung-Myung cast in OCN drama series “Romantic Comedy King”

Song Ji-Hyo and Chun Jung-Myung are cast for OCN drama series “Romantic Comedy King” (working & literal title). The drama series is based on manga “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase, which was previously adapted into 2008 Fuji TV drama series “Absolute Boyfriend.”

In the drama series, Song Ji-Hyo will play lead female character Da-Da. She works as a special effects make-up artist. She has an android robot as a boyfriend. Chun Jung-Myung will play lead male character Ma Wang-Joon. He is a popular actor and likes Da-Da.

OCN has decided to air the drama series and the drama series will air sometime during the first half of this year on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9PM.


Mar 15 2018

Shin Hye-Sun cast in SBS drama special “Praise of Death”

Shin Hye-Sun is cast in SBS drama special “Praise of Death” (literal title) co-starring Lee Jong-Suk. Shin Hye-Sun most recently starred in KBS2 weekend drama series “My Golden Life” which got ratings as high as 47.5% for an episode. Drama series “Praise of Death” is based on the true story of Korea’s first soprano Yun Sim-Deok (Shin Hye-Sun) and stage drama writer Kim Woo-Jin (Lee Jong-Suk). They experience a tragic love as Kim Woo-Jin is already married. Lee Jong-Suk and Shin Hye-Sun previously worked together in 2013 KBS2 drama series “School 2013.”

“Praise of Death” will consist of 2 episodes and air sometime later this year in South Korea.

Mar 15 2018

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “The Travelling Cat Chronicles”

Teaser trailer and poster added for upcoming movie “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” (English title) starring Sota Fukushi. Movie is based on novel “Tabineko Ripoto” by Hiro Arikawa and directed by Koichiro Miki. Story for the film follows a young man (Sota Fukushi) who goes on the road with his cat to find it a new home. In addition, Mitsuki Takahata is to voice the cat named Nana.

“The Travelling Cat Chronicles” will be released October 26, 2018 in Japan.


Mar 14 2018

Trailer for movie “Duck Town”

Trailer added for movie “Duck Town” starring Lee Se-Young and Kim Hyun-Joon. Movie had its world premiere at last year’s Jeonju International Film Festival. Story for “Duck Town” is set in Daegu, South Korea. Lee Se-Young plays college student Hee-Jung. To pay for her tuition, she works at a rental duck paddle boat shop at Suseong Lake. When she falls asleep at work an accident takes place on the lake. Hee-Jung tries to cover her tracks later that night, but a man (played y Kim Hyun-Joon) catches her.

“Duck Town” will be released April 19, 2018 in South Korea.

Mar 14 2018

Ryoo Seung-Ryong cast in movie “Extreme Job”

Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Lee HoneyJin Seon-KyuLee Dong-Hwi and Gong Myung are cast in new movie “Extreme Job” (literal title). The film will be directed by Lee Byeong-Hun (“What a Man Wants“).

Story for “Extreme Job” features a great premise of 5 detectives working together on a drug task force. They attempt to bust a crime organization and, to do so, they begin working undercover at a chicken restaurant. The chicken restaurant then becomes famous for its tasty chicken.

Filming for “Extreme Job” begins later this month in South Korea.

Mar 14 2018

Teaser trailer #2 for tvN drama series “My Mister”

Teaser trailer #2 added for upcoming tvN drama series “My Mister” starring Lee Sun-Kyun and IU. There’s actually two versions of teaser trailer #2 with slight variations. The teasers begin with IU’s voice stating “From the most glamorous place to the darkest place, from the strangest place to the most appealing place.“

“My Mister” first airs March 21, 2018 in South Korea.

Mar 14 2018

Main trailer for live-action film “Rainbow Days”

Main trailer for added for live-action film “Rainbow Days” starring Reo SanoTaishi NakagawaMahiro Takasugi and Ryusei Yokohama. Movie is based on manga “Nijiiro Deizu” by Minami Mizuno. The trailer also reveals the movie’s ending theme song which is “Wanderlust” by Kenji Furuya. Story for “Rainbow Days” follows the friendship and love lives of 4 male high school students.

“Rainbow Days” will be released July 6, 2018 in Japan.

Mar 14 2018

Hwang Jung-Eum cast in SBS drama series “Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum”

Hwang Jung-Eum is now cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum” co-starring Namgung Min. Hwang Jung-Eum will play title character Jung-Eum in the drama series. Due to her difficult background, Jung-Eum has given up on finding love. She used to be a diver and now works at a matchmaking company. She meets Hoon-Nam (Namgung Min) who knows all about love, but is not interested in falling in love.

“Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum” first airs May, 2018 in South Korea.


Mar 13 2018

Chang Ki-Yong offered lead male role MBC drama series “Come Here and Give Me A Hug”

Chang Ki-Yong has been offered the lead male role in upcoming MBC drama series “Come Here and Give Me A Hug” (literal title). Currently, Chang Ki-Yong is positively considering the offer. If Chang Ki-Yong accepts, he will play the character of Chae Do-Jin. He graduated from the Korea National Police University and now works as a police lieutenant. He carries himself with honesty and integrity. Story for the drama series will follow two people who carry heavy hearts due to a murder case from their past.

“Come Here and Give Me A Hug” first airs May, 2018 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset“).