Apr 13 2017

Supporting cast announced for movie “Katte ni Furuetero”

Supporting cast announced for movie “Katte ni Furuetero” starring Mayu Matsuoka. Now cast for the film are Daichi Watanabe from rock band ‘Kuroneko Chelsea,’ Takumi Kitamura from pop/rock band ‘Dish,’Anna Ishibashi, Kanji Furutachi and Hairi Katagiri. In the upcoming film Mayu Matsuoka plays quirky 24-year-old Yoshika who enjoys looking up information on fossils late at night on her laptop. Daichi Watanabe will play Ni who confesses his feelings for Yoshika and becomes her boyfriend. Takumi Kitamura will play Ichi who has held feelings for Yoshika since their middle school days.

“Katte ni Furuetero” is scheduled for release sometime this year in Japan.

Apr 13 2017

So Ji-Sub and Son Ye-Jin offered lead roles in movie “Be With You”

So Ji-Sub and Son Ye-Jin have been offered the lead roles in new movie “Be With You.” Currently, they are both currently “positively considering” the offers. The movie is based on 2003 Japanese novel “Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” by Takuji Ichikawa. The novel itself has been previously adapted into popular 2004 movie “Be with You” starring Yuko Takeuchi and Shido Nakamura and then 2005 TBS drama series “Be With You” starring Mimura and Hiroki Narimiya. If So Ji-Sub and Son Ye-Jin accepts their offers, it will be the first time for them to work together since 2001 MBC drama series “Delicious Proposal.”

Apr 12 2017

First still images of Nam Ji-Hyun in SBS drama series “Suspicious Partner”

Here’s the first still images of Nam Ji-Hyun in upcoming SBS drama series “Suspicious Partner” (literal title) co-starring Ji Chang-Wook. The still images are from Nam Ji-Hyun’s first day of filming for the drama series which took place April 11, 2017 at a park in Incheon, South Korea. The scene has Eun Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) becoming embarrassed by a man (Park Sung-Geun) who suddenly appears in front of her and disrobes, but Eun Bong-Hee fights back.

“Suspicious Partner” first airs May 10, 2017 in South Korea.

Apr 11 2017

Han Hyo-Joo offered lead female role in movie “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

Han Hyo-Joo has been offered the lead female role in upcoming “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” co-starring Gang Dong-Won. Jung Woo-Sung has previously received to play a major supporting character and he is still considering the offer. Movie “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” is a remake of 1999 anime film”Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.” If Han Hyo-Joo accepts, she will play Lee Yoon-Hee. Her character is in her early 30’s. Also, Han Hyo-Joo is currently filming movie “Golden Slumber” with Gang Dong-Won, so if she accepts the pair will work in two consecutive films together. “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” will be directed by Kim Jee-Woon.

Apr 11 2017

Hiroaki Murakami, Ayame Gouriki, Takanori Jinnai cast in TV Tokyo drama special “Gosa”

Hiroaki Murakami, Ayame Gouriki and Takanori Jinnai are cast in TV Tokyo drama special “Gosa.” Drama special is based on short story “Gosa” by Seicho Matsumoto. For drama special “Gosa,” Hiroaki Murakami and Ayame Gouriki will play detectives. They investigate the death of a woman at a hot spring. Takanori Jinnai plays a forensics professor.

“Gosa” will first air May 10, 2017 in Japan.