Jul 27 2016

Ji Chang-Wook cast in tvN drama series “K2”

Ji Chang-Wook is now cast in upcoming tvN drama series “K2.” He will join already announced cast members Song Yoon-A, Lee Jung-Jin and Cho Seong-Ha. Yoona from idol group “Girls’ Generation” has been offered the lead female role and she is currently “positively considering” the offer. This is her second time being offered the role, as she declined the role earlier.

In the upcoming drama series, Ji Chang-Wook will play Kim Je-Ha. His character is a former mercenary soldier and known also as K2. He is then hired as bodyguard by the wife (Song Yoon-A) of a presidential candidate.

If Yoona accept the lead female role, she will play Ko An-Na. Her character is the secret daughter of the presidential candidate.

K2 will first air September 9, 2016.

Jul 26 2016

Joo Jin-Mo cast in MBC drama series “Woman with a Suitcase”

Actor¬†Joo Jin-Mo is now cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Woman with a Suitcase” co-starring Choi Ji-Woo. In the drama series, Joo Jin-Mo will play Ham Bok-Geo. He is the CEO of a paparazzi press company. He gets all the information on politics, economy and the entertainment world in South Korea. Ham Bok-Geo helps Cha Geum-Joo (Choi Ji-Woo) to achieve her dream and becomes romantically involved with Cha Geum-Joo.

“Woman with a Suitcase” first airs September 19, 2016 in South Korea.

Jul 25 2016

Choi Ji-Woo cast in MBC drama series “Woman with a Suitcase”

Actress Choi Ji-Woo is now cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Woman with a Suitcase.” In the drama series, Choi Ji-Woo will play lead female character Cha Geum-Joo. Her character worked as a manager for an attorney’s office, before she is arrested. She is able to revive her career and become a successful attorney. Meanwhile, actor Joo Jin-Mo is still considering an offer to play the lead male role.

“Woman with a Suitcase” will first air September 19, 2016 in South Korea.

Jul 25 2016

Supporting cast announced for WOWOW drama series “Cold Case”

Kento Nagayama, Kenichi Takito, Ken Mitsuishi and Tomokazu Miura are all cast in upcoming WOWOW drama series “Cold Case” starring Yo Yoshida. All four of the newly announced cast members will play detectives on the unsolved cases investigation team.

In the drama series, Kento Nagayama will play Shinjiro Takagi. He is 31-years-old, ambitious and an arrogant detective. Kenichi Takito will play Daisuke Tachikawa. He is a honest, but hot-tempered detective. He is separated from his wife. Ken Mitsuishi will play Toru Kaneko. He analyzes cases with the help of his many years of experience in the field. Tomokazu Miura will play Hidetoshi Motoki. He leads the investigation team for unsolved cold cases.

“Cold Case” first airs October 22, 2016 in Japan.



Jul 25 2016

Son Ho-Jun cast in MBC drama series “Blow Breeze”

Actor Son Ho-Jun is now cast in upcoming MBC weekend drama series “Blow Breeze” co-starring Lim Ji-Yeon. In drama series “Blow Breeze,” Son Ho-Jun will play Lee Jang-Go. His character is an attorney for human rights. He is honest and pure. Meanwhile, Lim Ji-Yeon will play a woman who defected from North Korea.

“Blow Breeze” first airs August 20, 2016 in South Korea.

Jul 23 2016

Masaki Suda & Yang Ik-June cast in movie “Aa, Koya”

Masaki Suda & Yang Ik-June are cast in new movie “Aa, Koya.” The film is based on the novel 1966 novel “Aa, Koya” by Shuji Terayama and directed by Zenko Kishi (“Double Life“). In the film, Masaki Suda plays Shinji. His character came out of a youth detention center and later goes to a boxing gym. There he meets Barikan (Yang Ik-June) – a man with a speech impediment and extreme shyness. They become friends and pursue boxing while surrounded by bleakness. Yang Ik-June is the South Korean actor/director who directed 2009 film “Breathless.”

“Aa, Koya” will be released sometime next year in Japan.