Sep 22 2016

Shuhei Nomura & Yuina Kuroshima cast in movie “Sakurada Reset”

Shuhei Nomura & Yuina Kuroshima are cast in new movies “Sakurada Reset 1” and “Sakurada Reset 2.” The films are based on light novel “Sakurada Risetto” by Yutaka Kono and directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa.

In the upcoming films, Shuhei Nomura will play high school student Kei Asai and Yuina Kuroshima will play Misora Haruki. They live in the town of Sakurada where about half of the residents possess special powers. Kei Asai’s special power is his enhanced memory (he can remember everything) and Misora Haruki possesses the ability to reset the world by up to 3 days. Together they can go back in time and retain their memory.

“Sakurada Reset 1” will be released spring, 2017 in Japan.

Sep 21 2016

Sooyoung cast in drama series “Polyclinic Doctor”

Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation is cast in new drama series “Polyclinic Doctor.” The drama series will revolve around third year medical students as they undergo training at a hospital. The students become friends and some develop romantic relationships. Sooyoung will play one of the students.

Exact network and airing date for “Polyclinic Doctor” has yet to be determined.

Sep 21 2016

Trailer for movie “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”

Trailer added for upcoming movie “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned” starring Gang Dong-Won & Shin Eun-Soo. Movie is written and directed by Uhm Tae-Hwa (“Ingtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls“). Story for the film follows a group of children as they go into the forest. When a girl (Shin Eun-Soo) exits the forest she finds that her friends have disappeared. Later, a man (Gang Dong-Won) appears and claims to be a boy that disappeared in the forest just a few days earlier.

“Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned” will be released sometime this November in South Korea.

Sep 21 2016

Jin Goo and Uee cast in MBC drama series “Night Light”

Jin Goo and Uee (‘After School’) are now cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Night Light” which has already cast Lee Yo-Won in a leading role.

In the upcoming drama series, Jin Goo is set to play Park Gun-Woo. His character is scripted as being handsome and smart. He is also a successor to the large corporation Moojin, but he goes to Japan to make music. There, he meets Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won) and believes he is in love with her, but his love is broken. He goes back to Korea and works at Moojin. 12 years later, he meets Seo Yi-Kyung again. Ue will play Lee Se-Jin. She was born to a poor family, but is now highly ambitious. After Seo Yi-Kyung appears, Lee Se-Jin begins to take after Seo Yi-Kyung.

“Night Ligh” is currently scheduled to begin airing this November in South Korea.

Sep 21 2016

Siwan and Yoona cast in drama series “King Loves”

Siwan and Yoona (Girls’ Generation) are cast in new drama series “King Loves” (literal title). The drama series is a historical drama series, but centered around a love triangle between a crown prince (Siwan), his bodyguard and a young woman (Yoona) that the two young men both fall in love with. Filming for the drama series will begin November, 2016 and the production company is currently in discussions to air early, 2017 on MBC.

Sep 20 2016

Lee Jong-Hyun and Kong Seung-Yeon cast in drama series “My Only Love Song”

Lee Jong-Hyun (‘CNBLUE’) and Kong Seung-Yeon are cast in new drama series “My Only Love Song.” Lee Jong-Hyun and Kong Seung-Yeon previously appeared together in MBC TV show “We Got Married.”

Storyline for “My Only Love Song” has Kong Seung-Yeon playing an arrogant and superficial celebrity. She somehow goes through a time slip and ends up in the Joseon era. There, she meets a man played by Lee Jong-Hyun who seems to care only about money, but is very generous to the poor.

Exact network and airing time has yet to be determined, but the drama series is tentatively slated to begin airing this February in South Korea.

Sep 19 2016

Han Suk-Kyu, Seo Hyun-Jin and Yoo Yeon-Seok cast in SBS drama series “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”

Han Suk-Kyu, Seo Hyun-Jin and Yoo Yeon-Seok are now cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.”

For the drama series, Han Suk-Kyu will player title character Teacher Kim. He is a talented surgeon who once carried the nickname of “God’s Hand.” Seo Hyun-Jin will play Yoon Seo-Jung. She is a passionate surgeon. Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon-Seok will play surgeon Kang Dong-Joo.

In addition, Lim Won-Hee, Jin Kyung and Kim Min-Jae are cast in supporting roles for the drama series.

“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” will first air this November in South Korea (will take over SBS’ Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after”Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo“).

Sep 19 2016

Tsuyoshi Domoto cast in live-action film “Gintama”

Tsuyoshi Domoto (‘KinKi Kids’) cast in upcoming live-action film “Gintama” starring Shun Oguri. Also, newly announced supporting actors now include Hirofumi Arai, Jiro Sato, Nanao, Ken Yasuda & Akari Hayami.

For Tsuyoshi Domoto, movie “Gintama” will mark his first movie acting role since 2005 film “Fantastipo.” In live-action film “Gintama,” Tsuyoshi Domoto will play Shinsuke Takasugi. His character is a master of kenjutsu and Gintoki Sakata’s (Shun Oguri) rival. He leads Kiheitai which is a radical armed group that aspires to expel  foreigners. For the intense battle scenes between Gintoki Sakata (Shun Oguri) and the Kiheitai group, an action directing team from South Korea was invited on Shun Oguri’s suggestion.

“Gintama” will be released sometime next year in Japan.