Dec 14 2016

Lee Joon cast in KBS2 drama series “Father is Strange”

Lee Joon is now cast for the lead male role in upcoming KBS2 weekend drama series “Father is Strange.” In addition, actress Jung So-Min has been offered the lead female role and she is currently positively considering the offer. Veteran performers Kim Young-Chul & Kim Hae-Sook have also been offered supporting roles and they are considering their offers positively.

“Father is Strange” will first air February, 2017 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Saturday and Sunday 8PM time slot after “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop“).

Dec 14 2016

Trailer #2 & main poster for based-on-a-true-story movie “Let’s Go, Jets”

Trailer #2 & main poster added for based-on-a-true-story movie “Let’s Go, Jets” starring Suzu Hirose & Yuki Amami. Story for “Let’s Go, Jets” follows a high school cheerleading club in Japan as they go to America to take part in a competition. The Japanese title of the movie is “Cheerdance” while the international English title is “Let’s Go Jets!”

“Let’s Go, Jets” will be released March 11, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 14 2016

Lee Kwang-Soo still images in KBS2 drama series “Hwarang”

Here’s still images of Lee Kwang-Soo who will make a special appearance in KBS2 drama series “Hwarang.” In the drama series, Lee Kwang-Soo will play Mak-Moon. He is the older brother of A-Ro (Go Ara). Because of something that happened, he grew up alone in a village for the lowest class. There, Mak-Moon met Moo Myung (Park Seo-Joon) and they became friends. Because of Mak-Moon, Moo-Myung and A-Ro meet and Moo-Myung also picks up the name of Sun Woo.

“Hwarang” first airs December 19, 2016 in South Korea.


Dec 13 2016

Main trailer for movie “Shabon Dama”

Main trailer added for movie “Shabon Dama” starring Kento Hayashi & Mina Fujii. Movie is based on 2004 novel “Shabon Dama” by Asa Nonami. Story for movie “Shabon Dama” revolves around Izumi (Kento Hayashi). He is a criminal and targets the elderly. While fleeing from the police, he ends up staying with an elderly woman.

“Shabon Dama” will be released March, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 12 2016

First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Tomorrow With You”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Tomorrow With You” starring Lee Je-Hoon & Shin Min-A. Although the brief 15 second teaser doesn’t feature any live footage from the drama series, the voiceover by Shin Min-A says “I married a time traveler” and Lee Je-Hoon’s voiceover says “Her fate will be changed, I will change.”

“Tomorrow With You” first airs February, 2017 in South Korea.

Dec 12 2016

Shin Ha-Kyun & Do Kyung-Soo cast in movie “Room 7”

Shin Ha-Kyun and Do Kyung-Soo (‘EXO-K’) are cast in new movie “Room 7.” The film will be directed by Lee Yong-Seung (“10 Minutes“).

Story for “Room 7” takes place at a DVD bang. A DVD bang is a place in South Korea that rents out DVD’s to be watched in their rooms which usually feature comfortable couches, projection TV’s and high fidelity stereo systems.  In movie “Room 7,” Shin Ha-Kyun plays Doo-Sik. He owns a DVD bang, but the business is about to go bankrupt. Do Kyung-Soo will play Tae-Jung. He works part-time at the DVD bang. A mystery then takes place in room 7 at the DVD bang.

Filming for “Room 7” begins this January in South Korea.