Dec 22 2016

Jung Woo-Sung and Kwak Do-Won cast in movie “Steel Rain”

Jung Woo-Sung and Kwak Do-Won are cast in new movie “Steel Rain.” The film is based on webcomic “Steel Rain” by Yang Woo-Suk & Je Pi Ga Roo. Movie will be directed by Yang Woo-Seok (“The Attorney“).

In movie “Steel Rain,” Jung Woo-Sung will play Eom Chul-Woo. He is a former agent of the North Korean Intelligence Bureau. Kwak Do-Won will play Kwak Chul-Woo. He is an acting Senior Presidential Secretary of Foreign and Security Affairs for South Korea. The two men carry out a secret operation to prevent a Korean War.

Meanwhile, actress Ko Ah-Sung has been offered a major supporting character role. If she accepts, she will play a North Korean woman who comes to South Korea and becomes involved in a case.

Filming for “Steel Rain” begins February, 2017 in South Korea.

Dec 22 2016

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon”

First script reading for upcoming JTBC drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon” took place October 29, 2016 at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. The first script reading featured main cast members Park Bo-Young, Park Hyung-Sik (‘ZE:A’) and Ji Soo. Filming for the drama series then began in November, 2016.

The drama series has Park Bo-Young playing Do Bong-Soon. She is a charming young woman … with incredible strength. Park Hyung-Sik plays An Min-Hyuk. He is the CEO of a game company with picky, but cute personality. Ji Soo plays In Kook-Doo. He is a rookie detective and holds an unrequited love for Do Bong-Soon.

“Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon” will first air February, 2017 in South Korea.

Dec 21 2016

Hyun-Bin offered lead role in new drama series “City of Stars”

Hyun-Bin has been offered the lead role in new drama series “City of Stars” (literal title). Currently, Hyun-Bin is positively considering the offer. The drama series is the first directed by long-time movie director Jang Jin.

Premise for the drama series follows two men who are selected for an astronaut training program. They then become in an international chase for a chemical needed to fuel an alternative energy source. Filming for “City of Stars” begins May, 2016. Exact network to air the drama series has not yet been decided.

Dec 21 2016

Filming finishes for movie “House Above Time”

Filming finished December 15, 2016 for upcoming movie “House Above Time” starring Kim Yunjin & TaecYeon. The last day of filming took place in Iksan, North Jeolla-Province, South Korea. Story for “House Above Time” revolves around a house where a woman’s (Kim Yunjin) husband died and her son disappeared. The woman went to prison for 25 years, but she returns to the house.

Meanwhile, still images above are the first of Kim Yunjin and TaecYeon from the movie. “House Above Time” will be released during the first half of 2017 in South Korea.

Dec 20 2016

Teaser trailer for MBC drama series “Missing Nine”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming MBC drama series “Missing Nine” starring Jung Kyoung-HoBaek Jin-Hee.

Meanwhile, still images above are of Jung Kyoung-Ho, Baek Jin-Hee, Kim Sang-Ho and Tae Hang-Ho. The scenes in the still images show their characters struggling to survive on a deserted island. Story for the drama series follows 9 people from “Legend Entertainment” as they survive a plane crash, but become stranded on a deserted island.

“Missing Nine” will air starting this January in South Korea.