Oct 12 2016

Teaser #2 and still images for KBS2 drama series “Sweet Stranger and Me”

Teaser #2 added for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Sweet Stranger and Me” (English title) starring Soo-Ae & Kim Young-Kwang. The drama series previously went under its literal title of “Man Living at My House.” The still images above are of Soo-Ae and Kim Young-Kwang. The scene shows Go Nan-Gil’s (Kim Young-Kwang) affection to his new stepdaughter (Soo-Ae) who is 3 years older than him.

“Sweet Stranger and Me” premieres October 24, 2016 in South Korea.


Oct 12 2016

Shin Ha-Kyun & Sung Joon cast in movie “Villainess”

Shin Ha-Kyun & Sung Joon are cast in upcoming movie “Villainess” (literal title) starring Kim Ok-Vin. The movie will be directed by Jung Byoung-Gil (“Confession of Murder“). Movie “Villainess” revolves around a killer played by Kim Ok-Vin. She was raised and trained in China, but moves to South Korea hoping to lead a different type of life. Two men become involved with her. Shin Ha-Kyun plays Joong-Sang. He is a mysterious type of figure who trains killers. Sung Joon will play Hyun-Soo. He watches Sook-Hee.

Filming for “Villainess” begins October 16, 2016.

Oct 12 2016

Masami Nagasawa cast in Fuji TV drama SP “Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem”

Masami Nagasawa is cast in upcoming Fuji TV drama SP “Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem” starring Sho Sakurai. The drama special is based on a true story and depicts the life of promising soccer player (Sho Sakurai) who becomes involved in a car accident. The car accident leads to the soccer player becoming wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. In the drama special, Masami Nagasawa will play the soccer player’s wife Miki Nagakawa.

“Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem” will air sometime January, 2017 in Japan.

Oct 12 2016

Teaser trailer and posters for movie “Missing”

Teaser trailer and posters added for upcoming thriller film “Missing” starring Uhm Ji-Won & Kong Hyo-Jin. Movie is directed by Lee Eon-Hee (“…ing“). Premise for “Missing” has Uhm Ji-Won playing a mother who is going through a divorce and working a job. She is referred to a nanny played by Kong Hyo-Jin to watch over her daughter. One day, the nanny and her daughter disappears.

“Missing” will be released sometime this November in South Korea.

Oct 12 2016

Yoo Seung-Ho cast in MBC drama series “Ruler: Master of the Mask”

Yoo Seung-Ho is cast in new MBC drama series “Ruler: Master of the Mask” (literal title). The drama series is set in the 1700’s and Yoo Seung-Ho will play historical figure Crown Price Lee Sun. His character goes up against a powerful and wealthy group that has privatized water throughout Joseon. He is also in love with a woman Ga-Eun who helps him grow as a ruler.

Filming for “Ruler: Master of the Mask” begins December, 2016.

Oct 11 2016

Nao Matsushita cast in Fuji TV drama SP “Tokumei Shikikan Goma Ayaka”

Nao Matsushita is cast in Fuji TV drama SP “Tokumei Shikikan Goma Ayaka.” Also cast in the drama special are Ryohei Suzuki, Goro Inagaki, Yuya Uchida, Masanobu Takashima, Kohei Otomo, Mackenyu & Naoto Takenaka. The drama special is based on 2014 novel “Keishicho Sosa Nika Goma Ayaka Tokumei Shikikan” by Masashi Kajinaga.

In “Tokumei Shikikan Goma Ayaka,” Nao Matsushita will play Ayaka Goma. She works as a police sergeant. During a demonstration, a hostage situation takes place at financial company. A person then calls the police and asks for Ayaka Goma to come to the crime scene to negotiate.

“Tokumei Shikikan Goma Ayaka” will air October 22, 2016 in Japan.

Oct 11 2016

Oh Ji-Ho & Oh Yoon-Ah cast in KBS2 drama series “Oh My Geum-Bi”

Oh Ji-Ho & Oh Yoon-Ah are cast for the lead roles in KBS2 drama series “Oh My Geum-Bi” (literal title). The drama series has the early working title of “My Fair Lady.” The drama series will have Oh Ji-Ho playing Mo Hwi-Chul. He is a swindler. He has an 8-year-old daughter played by Heo Jung-Eum. His daughter has dementia and she is losing her memory. Oh Yoon-Ah will play Jang Joo-Young. She becomes involved with the father and daughter.

“Oh My Geum-Bi” will first air November 30, 2016 in South Korea (taking over KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “On the Way to the Airport“).

Oct 10 2016

Teaser trailer and new stills for movie “L”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “L” starring Alice Hirose & Yuki Furukawa. Movie is based on the album “L” by musical group “Acid Black Cherry.”

The still images above are of Yuki Furukawa, Yuta Hiraoka & Mihiro. In the film, Yuki Furukawa  plays Ovesu. He has loved the woman L (Alice Hirose) for his entire life. Yuta Hiraoka plays a member of a theatrical company in the film and Mihiro plays a former bank clerk.

Release date for “L” is now set for November 25, 2016 in Japan.