May 27 2016

Kim Ha-Neul & Lee Sang-Yoon cast in KBS2 drama series “On the Way to the Airport”

Kim Ha-Neul & Lee Sang-Yoon are cast in upcoming KBS2 drama series “On the Way to the Airport” (literal title). The drama series will be directed by Kim Cheol-Kyu (“Emergency Couple“) and scripted by Lee Sook-Yun (“April Snow“).

In drama series “On the Way to the Airport,” Kim Ha-Neul will play Choi Soo-A. Her character works as a purser for an airline and she is married to a pilot and they have a daughter. Lee Sang-Yoon will play Seo Do-Woo. His character works as a part-time architecture instructor and he is married with a daughter. When Choi Soo-A and Seo Do-Woo meet, their lives changes.

“On the Way to the Airport” will first air this September in South Korea.

May 26 2016

Jin Young cast in KBS2 drama series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”

Jin Young (‘B1A4’) is cast in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” starring Park Bo-Gum & Kim You-Jung.

In the drama series, Jin Young will play the major supporting character Kim Yoon-Sung. In addition, rookie actor Lee Seo-Won is also cast in the drama series and he will play Kim Byung-Yeon. His character is a a public officer and serves Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo-Gum).  The first script reading took place May 26, 2016 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea.

“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” first airs August 1, 2016 in South Korea.

May 26 2016

Juri Ueno marries Sho Wada

Actress Juri Ueno and Sho Wada from rock group “Triceratops” married today, May 26, 2016. The couple first began to date around autumn, 2016 and they officially registered as a married couple today. Plans for a wedding or wedding reception are undecided.

May 26 2016

Haruma Miura cast in NHK drama series “Onna Joshu Naotora”

Haruma Miura is cast in upcoming NHK taiga drama series “Onna Joshu Naotora” starring Kou Shibasaki. Also cast in supporting character roles are Tetta Sugimoto, Naomi Zaizen, Gin Maeda, Kaoru Kobayashi, Issei Takahash, Yuya Yagira, Shihori Kanjiya, Tsuyoshi Muro, Takashi Ukaji, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Shunsuke Kariya, Denden, Toshio Kakei and Baijaku Nakamura.

In “Onna Joshu Naotora,” Haruma Miura will play Naochika Ii. His character is the fiancé of Naotora (Kou Shibasaki). “Onna Joshu Naotora” first airs January, 2017 in Japan.

May 26 2016

Ha Seok-Jin cast in MBC drama series “Something About 1%”

Ha Seok-Jin is cast in MBC drama series “Something About 1%.” Drama series is based on 2002 novel “1%ui Eoddungut” by Hyun Go-Woon which was previously adapted into 2003 MBC drama series “Something About 1%” starring Kim Jung-Hwa   & Gang Dong-Won. Story for the drama series will have Ha Seok-Jin playing the attractive, but arrogant Lee Jae-In. He is ordered by his grandfather to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a teacher that he has never met.

“Something About 1%” will air sometime this year in South Korea.

May 26 2016

Kim Go-Eun offered lead female role in tvN drama series “Goblin”

Kim Go-Eun has been offered the lead female role in upcoming tvN drama series “Goblin” (literal title) starring Gong Yoo. Currently, she is positively considering the offer. In addition, director Lee Eung-Bong who directed smash hit “Descendants of the Sun” is in discussion to direct “Goblin.” This would also pair together again director Lee Eung-Bong with screenwriter Kim Eun-Wook who wrote the screenplay for “Descendants of the Sun.”

May 26 2016

Teaser trailer for KBS2 drama series “Beautiful Mind”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Beautiful Mind” starring Jang Hyuk and Park So-Dam. Casting for Park So-Dam was a bit difficult, because she is already cast for the lead female role in drama series “Cinderella and Four Knights” which has yet to settle on a network. HB Entertainment which produces “Cinderella and Four Knights” was concerned that “Beautiful Mind” and “Cinderella and Four Knights” may air against each other, but now that scenario seems highly unlikely as scheduling for the summer season is about complete and Park So-Dam is now cast for “Beautiful Mind.”

Actual filming for “Beautiful Mind” begins next week after Jang Hyuk returns from China.