May 21 2018

Masami Nagasawa and Masaki Okada cast in live-action film “Gintama 2”

Masami Nagasawa and Masaki Okada are cast in upcoming live-action sequel film “Gintama 2” starring Shun OguriMasaki SudaKanna Hashimoto. Masami Nagasawa and Masaki Okada will reprise their roles of Tae Shimura and Kotaro Katsura that they played in 2017 film “Gintama.” In addition, Elizabeth, the pet of Kotaro Katsura (Masaki Okada), will also appear in “Gintama 2.” In the 2017 film “Gintama,” actor Takayuki Yamada voiced the character of Elizabeth.

“Gintama 2” will be released August 17, 2018 in Japan.


May 21 2018

Posters for KBS2 drama series “Are You Human?”

Here’s a group poster and 7 character posters for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Are You Human?” The group poster and the 7 character posters features Seo Kang-JoonKong Seung-YeonLee Joon-HyukPark Hwan-HeeKim Sung-RyoungPark Young-Gyu and Yu Oh-Seong. In the drama series, Android Nam Shin III ( Seo Kang-Joon) gets involved in the human world. He gets involved with Kang So-Bong (Kong Seung-Yeon) and falls in love with her.

“Are You Human?” first airs June 4, 2018 in South Korea.

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May 18 2018

Toru Nakamura cast in TV Tokyo drama series “Last Chance”

Toru Nakamura is cast in new TV Tokyo drama series “Last Chance.” Also cast in supporting roles are Kippei ShiinaMasato WadaRyohei OtaniMasanobu KatsumuraMiki MizunoKyoko HasegawaHirotaro HondaMasanori Ishii, Keita MachidaKyusaku ShimadaMickey Curtis and Raita Ryu. The business themed drama series is based on 2018 novel “Last Chance: Saisei Ukeoinin“ by Go Egami. In the drama series Toru Nakamura will play Tetsuo Kashimura. He was a bank executive but quit his job after a company merger. He is then hired to restore a franchise restaurant chain.

“Last Chance” first airs July, 2018 in Japan.

May 18 2018

Lee Yoo-Young cast in SBS drama series “Dear Judge”

Lee Yoo-Young is cast for the lead female role in SBS drama series “Dear Judge” co-starring Yoon Si-Yoon. In the drama series, Lee Yoo-Young will play Song Ji-Hyun. She is a trainee at the Judicial Research and Training Institute and wants to become a judge. For her training to become a judge, she begins to work at the office of Judge Han Soo-Ho (Yoon Si-Yoon).

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-Young also received an offer to play the lead female role in MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me,” but declined that offer to play in “Dear Judge.”

“Dear Judge” first airs July, 2018 in South Korea.

May 18 2018

Ren Nagase & Yuta Jinguji cast in movie “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto niwa”

Ren Nagase from idol group “King & Prince” is cast for the lead role in movie “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto niwa.” Also cast in a supporting role is Yuta Jinguji from ‘King & Prince.’ The film is based on novel series “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto niwa” by Shiina Takasato and directed by Shinji Kuma. In the film, Ren Nagase plays Kaei Karasuma. He is the successor to the prestigious Karasuma family.

Filming for “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto niwa” began May 17, 2018 and will finish at the end of June, 2018. “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto niwa” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

May 17 2018

Kim Dong-Joon cast in tvN drama series “About Time”

Kim Dong-Joon (‘ZE:A’) is cast for a major supporting character role in tvN drama series “About Time.” Kim Dong-Joon will play the character of Jo Jae-Yoo which Lee Seo-Won was originally cast for. Lee Seo-Won was recently dropped from the drama series due to a sexual harassment incident that became public recently. On April 8, 2018, Lee Seo-Won was alleged to have been drunk and he then tried to touch an unnamed actress, but his advances was rebuffed. Lee Seo-Won persisted in trying to touch the actress and eventually the actress called her boyfriend for help. Lee Seo-Won is then alleged to have threatened the actress. Staff from “About Time” learned about the incident on May 16, 2018 and made the decision to drop Lee Seo-Won from the drama series that day.

Kim Dong-Joon will re-film all scenes already filmed with Lee Seo-Won. The character of Jo Jae-Yoo works as a musical director. “About Time” will first air as originally planned on May 21, 2018 in South Korea.