Mar 23 2020

Teaser poster and release date for movie “Mio-Tsukushi Ryouri-Chou”

Teaser poster and release date added for movie “Mio-Tsukushi Ryouri-Chou” starring Honoka Matsumoto and Nao. The film is based on novel “Mi wo Tsukushi Ryoricho” by Kaoru Takada and directed by Haruki Kadokawa (“The Laughing Policeman“). The novel was previously adapted into two TV Asahi drama specials (2012 & 2014) and a 2017 NHK drama series.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: When Mio (Honoka Matsumoto) was young, she lost her parents in a great flood and also became separated from her best friend Noe (Nao). Afterwards, Mio found her talent in cooking and eventually became a cook. Meanwhile, Noe has become an oiran (high-ranking courtesan).

“Mio-Tsukushi Ryouri-Chou is now set for release October 16, 2020 in Japan.

Mar 23 2020

Teaser trailer for KBS2 drama series “Born Again”

First teaser trailer added for KBS2 drama series “Born Again” starring Chang Ki-Yong, Jin Se-Yun, & Lee Soo-Hyuk. All three lead performers play different characters in the 1980’s and in the present day. Narration in the teaser trailer has (0:03) Chang Ki-Yong stating “Everyone has their own time for fate,” (0:06) Chang Ki-Yong states “When the time for fate comes,” (0:09) Jin Se-Yun states “Someone find me and …,” and (0:21) Lee Soo-Hyuk states “I will find that someone.” Meanwhile, below are the first still images of Chang Ki-Yong, Jin Se-Yun, and Lee Soo-Hyuk in the drama series.

“Born Again” first airs April 20, 2020.

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Mar 21 2020

Teaser trailer #2 for tvN drama series “When My Love Blooms”

Teaser trailer #2 added for tvN drama series “When My Love Blooms” starring Yoo Ji-Tae & Lee Bo-Young. There’s actually two versions of teaser trailer #2. Jin Young and Jeon So-Nee also appear in both versions as the younger versions of the main characters played by Yoo Ji-Tae and Lee Bo-Young. Narration appears in the teaser trailers that has Lee Bo-Young stating in Korean “There is something that became more precious after time passed by. The moment which was a flower in my past life. Can we go back to that time?”

“When My Love Blooms ” first airs April 18, 2020 in South Korea.

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Mar 20 2020

Kim Sae-Ron offered lead female role in KBS2 drama series “School 2020”

Kim Sae-Ron has been offered the lead female role in KBS2 drama series “School 2020” co-starring Kim Yo-Han. Actress Ahn Seo-Hyun was first offered the lead female role and even prepared to play the character, but an agreement could not be reached between the production company SR Pictures and Ahn Seo-Hyun’s father. Currently, Kim Sae-Ron is considering the offer to play the lead female character.

“School 2020” was initially scheduled to air August, 2020 in South Korea, but that air date is now uncertain.

Mar 20 2020

Main trailer & poster for biopic film “Hokusai”

Main trailer and poster added for biopic film “Hokusai” starring Yuya Yagira, Min Tanaka, and Hiroshi Abe. The film is based on the life of artist Hokusai Katsushika. Caption on the poster states in Japanese “With this brush, I will change the world.”

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: As a young man, Hokusai Katsushika (Yuya Yagira) is an unpopular painter. He is conflicted by his work, but he decides to keep painting.

As an old man, Hokusai Katsushika (Min Tanaka) still has passion for painting and strives to improve his work.

“Hokusai” will be released May 29, 2020 in Japan.

Mar 20 2020

Kim Hye-Jun cast in MBC drama series “United Effort to Accomplish One Thing “

Kim Hye-Jun is cast for the lead female role in MBC drama series “United Effort to Accomplish One Thing” (literal title). Also cast in a supporting role is Oh Na-Ra. The drama series is a mystery story, involving the property of a famous painter. Kim Hye-Jun will play Bit-Na. Her father is the famous painter.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Bit-Na (Kim Hye-Jun) is the daughter of a famous painter, who owns billions of won in property. A fierce battle takes place over the property, with Bit-Na becoming involved. She tries to figure out the truth.

“United Effort to Accomplish One Thing” will first air June, 2020 (takes over MBC’s Monday & Tuesday 9PM time slot after “Would You Like To Have Dinner Together.”).

Mar 19 2020

Launching teaser poster & ep.1 air date for JTBC drama series “Ssanggab Cart Bar”

Here’s the first teaser poster for upcoming JTBC drama series “Ssanggab Cart Bar” starring Hwang Jung-Eum & Yook Sung-Jae. The drama series is now scheduled to first air May 20, 2020. “Ssanggab Cart Bar” is also the first JTBC drama series to air on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The drama series will air as a pre-production and filming has already completed. “Ssanggab Cart Bar” is based on webcomic “Ssanggabpocha” by Bae Hye-Soo.

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Mar 19 2020

4 character posters for Netflix drama series “Human Class”

Here’s 4 character posters for upcoming Netflix drama series “Human Class” (literal title) starring Kim Dong-Hee, Jung Da-Bin, Park Joo-Hyun, & Nam Yoon-Soo. Captions on all 4 posters states in Korean “I risked my life for the wrong answer.”

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ji-Soo (Kim Dong-Hee) is a model high school student. To pay for his university tuition fee, he makes a bad choice. This leads to a serious crime that takes place. Min-Hee (Jung Da-Bin) and Kyu-Ri (Park Joo-Hyun) attend the same high school as Ji-Soo and they get involved in Ji-Soo’s crime.

“Human Class” is now scheduled to be stream on Netflix from April, 29, 2020.

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Mar 19 2020

Kasumi Arimura cast in upcoming “Rurouni Kenshin” films

Kasumi Arimura is cast in movies “Rurouni Kenshin: The Final” and “Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning” starring Takeru Satoh and Emi Takei. For the two films, Kasumi Arimura will play Tomoe Yukishiro. Her character is the wife of Kenshin Himura (Takeru Satoh). She was the only person he loved and she is related to how Kenshin Himura got the “Jujishou” mark on his face. Above is a promotional visual poster of her in the movies.

“Rurouni Kenshin: The Final” will be released July 3, 2020 and “Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning” will be released August 7, 2020 in Japan.

Mar 18 2020

Ep.1 trailer for OCN drama series “Rugal”

Ep.1 trailer added for upcoming OCN drama series “Rugal” starring Choi Jin-Hyuk and Park Sung-Woong. The action drama series is based on webcomic “Rugal” by Rilmae. Ep.1 trailer begins with Choi Jin-Hyuk stating in Korean “On that day, I should have died. Because living is humiliation.” This, while having his eyes gouged out.

“Rugal” first airs March 28, 2020 in South Korea.