Nov 18 2016

Ji Sung & Uhm Ki-Joon cast in SBS drama series “Defendant”

Actors Ji Sung & Uhm Ki-Joon are cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Defendant” co-starring Kwon Yuri (‘Girls’ Generation’).

In drama series “Defendant,” Ji Sung will play lead male character Park Jung-Woo. He works as a prosecutor and has a strong sense of justice. He gets falsely accused of killing his wife and daughter and he also suffers through temporary amnesia. He attempts to clear his name on the false murder charge.

Uhm Ki-Joon will play 2 characters in the drama series. He will play identical twins Cha Sun-Ho and Cha Min-Ho. The identical twins are successors in the Chamyung Group. The twins have totally different personalities.

“Defendant” will first air January, 2017 in South Korea (takes over SBS’s Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim“).

Nov 18 2016

Tori Matsuzaka & Mikako Tabe cast in NTV drama series “Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi”

Tori Matsuzaka & Mikako Tabe are cast in NTV drama series “Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi.” The drama series follows 2015 NTV drama SP “Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi” and both are based on 2010 novel “Tantei Higurashi Tabito no Sagashimono” by Kozaburo Yamaguchi. Also cast in supporting roles are Gaku Hamada, Moeno Sumida and Kinya Kitaoji. All 5 of these performers will reprise the same roles from 2015 NTV drama special.

“Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi” first airs January, 2017 in Japan.

Nov 17 2016

Namgung Min offered lead role in KBS2 drama series “Chief Kim”

Namgung Min has been offered the lead male role in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Chief Kim.” Currently, he is “positively considering” the offer. If Namgung Min accepts the offer, he will play Kim Gwan-Chul. His character is a former accountant, but now works as a section chief at a company.

“Chief Kim” will first air this January in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “Oh My Geum-Bi).”

Nov 17 2016

Sosuke Ikematsu cast in live-action TV Tokyo drama series “Gin to Kin”

Sosuke Ikematsu is cast in live-action TV Tokyo drama series “Gin to Kin.” The drama series is based on manga series “Gin to Kin” by Nobuyuki Fukumoto (“Kaiji“). Sosuke Ikematsu will play main character Tetsuo Morita. He becomes involved in a gambling and keeps losing. He meets Ginji Hirai at the racetrack and aspires to become even more successful than him. Tetsuo Morita then steps into the world of illegal activity.

“Gin to Kin” first airs January, 2017 in Japan.

Nov 17 2016

Kim Ji-Hoon is cast in KBS2 drama special “Brother Jung-Nam”

Kim Ji-Hoon is cast in KBS2 drama special “Brother Jung-Nam.” Also cast in the drama special are the Lee Hyun-Jae and Hyungwon (‘Monsta X’). The drama special is scripted as a sitcom with Kim Jung-Nam playing Kim Jung-Nam. His character is very knowledgeable about the Itaewon area of Seoul. He helps a Dutch man played by Lee Hyun-Jae find a woman he is in love with and he bickers with Ik-Soo played by Hyungwon.

“Brother Jung-Nam” airs December, 2016 in South Korea.

Nov 16 2016

Yoon Gyun-Sang, Chae Soo-Bin, Lee Ha-Nui, Kim Ji-Suk cast in MBC drama series “Traitor Hong Gil-Dong”

Yoon Gyun-Sang, Chae Soo-Bin, Lee Ha-Nui & Kim Ji-Suk are cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Traitor Hong Gil-Dong.” Drama series will be directed by Kim Jin-Man (“Kill Me, Heal Me“) and scripted by Hwang Jin-Young (“King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang“).

For “Traitor Hong Gil-Dong,” Yoon Gyun-Sang will play title character role Hong Gil-Dong. His character is the the first revolutionist and a dissident activist during the Joseon era. Chae Soo-Bin will play Song Ga-Ryung. She is a young widow and is saved by Hong Gil-Dong. Lee Ha-Nui will play Jang Nok-Soo. She is a royal concubine of King Yeonsangun. Kim Ji-Suk will play Lee Yoong. He is a politician and a murderer.

“Traitor Hong Gil-Dong” first airs January, 2017 in South Korea.