Aug 12 2016

Teaser trailer for movie “Traces of Sin”

Teaser trailer for upcoming movie “Traces of Sin” starring Satoshi Tsumabuki & Hikari Mitsushima. Movie is based on 2006 novel “Gukoroku” by Tokuro Nukui & directed by Kei Ishikawa.

Story for the film has Satoshi Tsumabuki playing reporter Tanaka. He writes about an unsolved murder case that took place a year earlier. A family was murdered in the incident. He learns dark secrets about the family.

“Traces of Sin” will have its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival on September 6, 2016 and its general release February 18, 2017 in Japan.

Aug 12 2016

Filming for SBS drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea” goes abroad

Filming for upcoming SBS drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” starring Gianna Jun and Lee Min-Ho, is set to move overseas. Towards the end of August, filming will take place on the island nation of Palau (located in the western Pacific Ocean). Then, in September, filming will take place in Spain.

Story for “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is set in the present day and has Gianna Jun playing Sim Chung. Her character is a mermaid who arrives in Seoul. She has suffered hardships in her life. Lee Min-Ho will play Heo Joon-Jae. He is a cold-blooded swindler and he becomes attracted to Sim Chung.

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” first airs November 16, 2016 in South Korea.

Aug 11 2016

Seo Hyun-Jin to make cameo in tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost”

Actress Seo Hyun-Jin is set to make a cameo appearance in ep.13 of tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost” starring TaecYeon & Kim So-Hyun. Seo Hyun-Jin recently wrapped up a successful starring performance in tvN drama series “Another Miss Oh.”

Filming for Seo Hyun-Jin’s cameo appearance took place August 11, 2016 in Seoul. She decided to appear in the cameo role partially due to having worked with director Park Joon-Hwa previously in 2015 tvN drama series “Let’s Eat 2.”

Ep.13 of “Let’s Fight Ghost” airs August 22, 2016 in South Korea.

Aug 11 2016

Eita & Eriko Sato cast in movie “Ringside Story”

Eita & Eriko Sato are cast in new movie “Ringside Story.” Movie is directed by Masaharu Take (“100 Yen Love“). While Masaharu Take’s prior film “100 Yen Love” is set in the world of boxing, “Ringside Story” is partially related with professional wrestling. In the movie, Eita plays an unpopular actor. He is supported by his girlfriend played by Eriko Sato. The girlfriend works for a professional wrestling organization.

Filming for “Ringside Story” began August 7, 2016 and the movie will be released sometime in autumn, 2017 in Japan.

Aug 11 2016

Character posters and stills for SBS drama series “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

Here’s supporting cast character posters and stills from upcoming SBS drama series “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” starring Lee Joon-Gi & IU.

The character posters are of Nam Joo-Hyuk, Baekhyun (‘EXO-K’), Ji Soo and Yoon Sun-Woo.In the drama series Nam Joo-Hyuk plays the 13th prince Wang Wook. He is called Baek-A among his brothers. He has developed his ability to examine art since he was little. He is the most handsome man in Goryeo.

Baekhyun  plays the 10th prince Wang Eun. He like to play around and he isn’t interested in studying or learning martial arts. Hae-Soo (IU) becomes his first love.

Ji Soo plays the 14th prince Wang Jung. He hangs around Wang Eun and holds an interest in the martial arts.

Yoon Sun-Woo plays the 9th prince Wang Won. He enjoys decorating himself.

“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” first airs August 29, 2016 in South Korea.

Aug 11 2016

Supporting cast character posters for JTBC drama series “Fantastic”

Here’s main supporting cast character posters for upcoming JTBC drama series “Fantastic” starring Kim Hyun-Joo & Joo Sang-Wook. The character posters are of Park Si-Yeon, Kim Tae-Hoon and Ji Soo.

In the upcoming drama series Park Si-Yeon plays Baek Sul. She is the daughter-in-law of an elite political family. She hides her real personality, behaving modestly.

Kim Tae-Hoon plays Hong Joon-Gi. He is the doctor of So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo). He was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. Due to his unusual body condition, where anticancer drugs are ineffective, he can not receive treatment. Nevertheless, he is bright and positive.

Ji Soo plays Kim Sang-Wook. He works as a lawyer and falls in love with Baek Sul.

“Fantastic” first airs September 2, 2016 in South Korea.