Oct 3 2016

New trailer for live-action film “Death Note: Light Up The New World”

New trailer added for upcoming live-action film “Death Note: Light Up The New World” starring Masahiro Higashide, Sosuke Ikematsu & Masaki Suda. The new trailer shows an actual scene from the film. In the trailer, Sakura Aoi ( Rina Kawaei) walks down a crowded street in Shibuya. She kills a passerby by writing down his name in a death note.

“Death Note: Light Up The New World” will be released October 29, 2016 in Japan.

Sep 30 2016

Yuki Amami cast in movie “Cheerdance”

Yuki Amami is cast in upcoming movie “Cheerdance” starring Suzu Hirose and Ayami Nakajo. Movie is based on a true story of cheerleading club in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The team goes on to compete at a tournament in the United States. Yuki Amami will play Kaoruko Saotome. Her character is a strict instructor of the cheerleading club.

In addition, teaser trailer and main trailer for the movie has been added at AsianWiki. “Cheerdance” will be released March, 2017 in Japan.


Sep 30 2016

Kim Min-Jung cast in JTBC drama series “Man to Man”

Kim Min-Jung is now cast in upcoming JTBC drama series “Man to Man” starring Park Hae-Jin & Park Sung-Woong.

In drama series “Man to Man,” Kim Min-Jung will play lead female character Cha Do-Ha. She is an enthusiastic fan of Yeo Woon-Gwang (Park Sung-Woong). Since she was a high school student, she has led his fan club. Now, she works for an entertainment company and is Yeo Woon-Gwang’s manager. She protects him with all her ability. After Kim Sul-Woo (Park Hae-Jin) appears as Yeo Woon-Gwang’s bodyguard, her perfect world begins to crack.

“Man to Man” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

Sep 30 2016

Ryohei Suzuki, Atsuko Maeda & Takahiro Miura cast in NTV-WOWOW-Hulu drama series “Inspector Zenigata”

Ryohei Suzuki, Atsuko Maeda & Takahiro Miura are cast in new NTV/WOWOW/Hulu drama series “Inspector Zenigata.” Main character Koichi Zenigata played by Ryohei Suzuki originates from popular manga series “Lupin Sansei” by Monkey Punch, but the screenplay will tell an original story. In the upcoming drama series, Atsuko Maeda will play Natsuki Sakuraba and Takahiro Miura will play Shintaro Kunikida.

“Inspector Zenigata” will first air on NTV and then continue on WOWOW and Hulu next year in Japan.

Sep 30 2016

First script reading for movie “Ggoon”

First script reading & gosa (inaugural ceremony) took place September 26, 2016 for upcoming film “Ggoon” starring Hyun-Bin & Yoo Ji-Tae. The film tells the story of a swindler as he tries to catch a fellow swindler.

Filming for “Ggoon” will begin October 1, 2016 and will last for about 3 months.

Sep 29 2016

Main trailer for movie “14 That Night”

Main trailer added for upcoming movie “14 That Night” starring Naoki Inukai, Ken Mitsuishi, Mari Hamada & Mugi Kadowaki. Movie is the first film directed by Shin Adachi (screenwriter of “100 Yen Love“). Movie tells the coming of age story of a teen in small town in the 1980’s, revolving around the town’s video store and rumors that a famous porn actress will appear in town.

“14 That Night” will make its world premiere at this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival (October 25-November 3, 2016) and have its general release on December 24, 2016 in Japan .

Sep 29 2016

Trailer for movie “Choki”

Trailer for movie “Choki” starring Riko Masuda & Hisashi Yoshizawa. Movie is written & directed by Junichi Kanai (“Again“). Story for “Choki” involves the relationship between a man who runs a beauty salon and a girl who once learned calligraphy at a class taught by the man’s wife. The wife has passed away and the young girl is now a woman, but completely blind.

“Choki” will be released December 3, 2016 in Japan.

Sep 29 2016

Junya Ikeda, Ryuya Wakaba and Eita Okuno cast in live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds”

Junya Ikeda, Ryuya Wakaba and Eita Okuno are cast in live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds” starring Sota Fukushi, Yuma Nakayama (‘NYC’) & Kirato Wakayama.

Junya Ikeda, Ryuya Wakaba and Eita Okuno will play original characters that are not from the original manga series “Donten ni Warau” by Karakara-Kemuri.

In the upcoming live-action film, Junya Ikeda plays Hayakage who has an overwhelming physical ability. Ryuya Wakaba plays Kiryu who does not express his feelings at all and Eita Okuno plays Raiga who is good at manipulating people. The three belong to the strongest ninja group. They engage in secret maneuvers at Ozu to dominate the world.

“Laughing Under the Clouds” will be released sometime next year in Japan.