Aug 25 2016

Ren Kiriyama cast in live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds”

Ren Kiriyama is cast in upcoming live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds” starring Sota FukushiYuma NakayamaKirato Wakayama.

For live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds,” Ren Kiriyama will play Shirasu Kinjo. Shirasu Kinjo suffers a serious injury and collapses at the Kumo shrine. He is saved by Tenka Kumo (Sota Fukushi ). Since then, Shirasu Kinjo lives with Tenka Kumo and his two younger brothers Soramaru (Yuma Nakayama) and Chutaro (Kirato Wakayama). Shirasu Kinjo becomes best friends with Tenka Kumo and cares about his two younger brothers like they were his own brothers.

“Laughing Under the Clouds” will be released sometime 2017 in Japan.

Aug 25 2016

Lee Jung-Jae & Yeo Jin-Goo cast in movie “Daerib Forces”

Lee Jung-Jae & Yeo Jin-Goo are now cast in upcoming movie “Daerib Forces” (working and literal title of “Daeribgoon”). Also cast in supporting roles are Kim Moo-Yul, Park Won-Sang, Esom & Bae Soo-Bin. Movie is set during the Joseon dynasty and directed by Jeong Yoon-Chul (“A Man who was Superman“).

Setup for the film has King Seonjo fleeing to Ming dynasty to avoid invading Japanese forces. Yeo Jin-Goo will play Prince Gwanghae who takes over for King Seonjo. Meanwhile, Lee Jung-Jae will play To-Woo. His character leads the Daerib Forces. The group consists of fighters who are paid to take the place of others in the military.

Filming for “Daerib Forces” begins September 5, 2016.

Aug 24 2016

Machiko Ono cast in TV Asahi drama SP “Sogeki”

Machiko Ono is cast in upcoming TV Asahi drama SP “Sogeki.” Also cast in the drama special are Sadao Abe & Koichi Sato. The drama special is based on 2010 novel “Sogeki Chika Sosakan” by Shunsuke Nagase. In the drama series, Machiko Ono will play Detective Ryoko Kozuki. Her character recently received a demotion for having an affair with a superior. She then takes on the case “The Prime Ministerial Candidate Snipe Case” which occured 15 years earlier.

“Sogeki” will air sometime this autumn in Japan.

Aug 23 2016

Lee Joon-Gi’s character poster and teaser #3 for SBS drama series “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

Lee Joon-Gi‘s character poster and teaser #3 added for upcoming SBS drama series “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” also starring IUKang Ha-Neul.

In addition, still images above are from a scene featuring Lee Joon-Gi. The scene has Wang So (Lee Joon-Gi’) is thrown onto a mountain where wolves live. He appears bloody and people begin calling him “Dog Wolf.” He becomes a figure who causes fear in people.

“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” first airs August 29, 2016 in South Korea.

Aug 23 2016

Kentaro Sakaguchi cast in TV Tokyo drama special “Mohouhan”

Kentaro Sakaguchi is cast in upcoming TV Tokyo drama SP “Mohouhan” starring Miki Nakatani. The drama special is based on novel “Mohouhan” by Miyuki Miyabe which was previously adapted into 2002 film “Copycat Killer.”

In the upcoming 2 episode drama SP, Kentaro Sakaguchi will play Koichi Amikawa (Peace). His character holds a key to the story. It’s also the first time Kentaro Sakaguchi will portray a villain.

Ep.1 of “Mohouhan” will air September 21, 2016 and ep.2 will air September 22, 2016 in Japan.

Aug 22 2016

Yoon Doo-Joon (‘Beast’) to make cameo appearance in tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost”

Yoon Doo-Joon from idol group ‘Beast’ is set to make a cameo appearance in tvN drama series “Let’s Fight Ghost” starring TaecYeon & Kim So-Hyun.

Yoon Doo-Joon previously worked with drama series director Park Joon-Hwa in tvN drama series “Let’s Eat” and “Let’s Eat 2”. Yoon Doo-Joon will appear in ep.16 of “Let’s Fight Ghost” which will air August 30, 2016. For his cameo appearance, he will play Koo Dae-Young (his character from “Let’s Eat” and “Let’s Eat 2”).