Mar 27 2020

Park Eun-Bin cast in SBS drama series “Do You Like Brahms?”

Park Eun-Bin is cast in SBS drama series “Do You Like Brahms?” (literal title). For the drama series, Park Eun-Bin will play lead female character Chae Song-A. Her character majored in business administration at a prestigious university, but her passion is playing the violin. After 4 years of preparation, she enrolls in the college of music at the same university where she graduated from. 4 years later, she begins to work as an intern and meets world famous pianist Park Joon-Young. Actor Kim Min-Jae is currently still considering an offer to play the lead male character.

After, Park Eun-Bin agreed to perform in the drama series, she began practicing playing the violin. Filming for “Do You Like Brahms?” is scheduled to begin filming April, 2020 and the drama series will air sometime in the second half of this year.

Mar 26 2020

Im Si-Wan offered the lead role in JTBC drama series “Run On”

Im Si-Wan has been offered the lead male role in JTBC drama series “Run On.” Currently, Im So-Wan is positively considering the offer. If Im Si-Wan accepts, he will play main character Yoon Jong-Woo.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Yoon Jong-Woo was once a sprinter on the national team. He eventually began to work as a sports agent.

Drama series will be directed by Lee Jae-Hoon (“The Ghost Detective“). Exact air date for “Run On” has not yet been decided.

Mar 25 2020

Asami Mizukawa, Kodai Asaka, and Uta Yorikawa cast in movie “The Runway”

Asami Mizukawa, Kodai Asaka, and Uta Yorikawa are cast in movie “The Runway” (literal title). The film is based on poem collection poems “Kashu Kassoro” by Shinichiro Hagihara. Asami Mizukawa will play the lead character role.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Midori (Asami Mizukawa) is in her late 30’s and is a cutout picture artist. She has anxiety about her future. Takano (Kodai Asaka) is a 25-year-old bureaucrat at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. He is under a heavy workload and he becomes lethargic at his workplace. One day, he sees a list of people who committed suicide due to temporary employment. On that list, he becomes interested in a 25-year-old young man who killed himself. Takano begins to investigate the background of that young man.

“The Runway” will be released autumn, 2020 in Japan.

Mar 25 2020

Two main posters for SBS drama series “The King: Eternal Monarch”

Here’s two main posters for upcoming SBS drama series “The King: Eternal Monarch” starring Lee Min-Ho & Kim Go-Eun. The poster above features 6 main cast members: Lee Min-Ho as Emperor Lee Gon, Kim Go-Eun as Detective Jung Tae-Eul, Woo Do-Hwan as Imperial Guard Captain Jo Young, Kim Kyung-Nam as Detective Kang Shin-Jae, Jung Eun-Chae as Prime Minister Koo Seo-Ryeong, and Lee Jung-Jin as Emperor Lee Gon’s uncle Lee Rim. Poster below is of Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-Eun.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” first airs April, 2020 in South Korea.

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Mar 25 2020

Yoona cast in JTBC drama series “Hush”

Singer-actress Yoona (Girls’ Generation) is cast in JTBC drama series “Hush” co-starring Hwang Jung-Min. For the drama series, Yoona will play lead female character Lee Ji-Soo. Her character works as an intern reporter. She meets reporter Han Joon-Hyeok (Hwang Jung-Min), who becomes her mentor and helps her grow into a real reporter.

“Hush” will first air sometime during the second half of this year in South Korea.

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Mar 24 2020

Trailer #2 for movie “The Sun Does Not Move”

Trailer #2 added for upcoming movie “The Sun Does Not Move” (literal title) starring Tatsuya Fujiwara & Ryoma Takeuchi. The film also features Korean actors Han Hyo-Joo & Byun Yo-Han in major supporting character roles. The film is based on two different novels in the “Kazuhiko Takano Series” by Shuichi Yoshida. Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song has been revealed, which is “Awa” by pop-rock group King Gnu. “Awa” is featured in trailer #2 as well.

“The Sun Does Not Move” will be released May 15, 2020 in Japan.

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Mar 23 2020

Poster for NTV drama series “Tadashii Rock Band no Tsukurikata”

Poster added for NTV drama series “Tadashii Rock Band no Tsukurikata” starring Ryusei Fujii, Tomohiro Kamiyama, Louis Kurihara, and Kengo Yoshida. The drama series follows a rock group as they ponder adding a fifth member in their pursuit to play at Japan’s largest music festival. The drama series also features an original screenplay.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Rock band Kanashimi no Mukogawa was formed half a year ago. The group consists of 4 members: Shizuma (Ryusei Fujii), Tetsuma (Tomohiro Kamiyama), Rokuro (Louis Kurihara) and Noboru (Kengo Yoshida).

Shizuma is the leader of the group. Tetsuma is a university student, who does not have a dream or goal. Rokuro is a mysterious figure. Noboru is a guy with a bright personality. The goal of the band is to take part in the “Dengeki Rock Festival,” which is the biggest musical festival in Japan. One day, Shizuma suggests that the group should have a new member. The four bandmates go to a cafe to meet a candidate for the group. The person who awaits for them is a middle-aged man (Jiro), who can only play Hawaiian musical instrument.

“Tadashii Rock Band no Tsukurikata” first airs April 20, 2020 in Japan.

Mar 23 2020

“Time to Hunt” to be released on Netflix

According to Little Big Pictures, movie “Time to Hunt,” starring Lee Je-Hoon, Ahn Jae-Hong, Choi Woo-Sik, Park Jung-Min, and Park Hae-Soo, will be released via Netflix worldwide on April 10, 2020. The film had its world premiere February, 2020 at the Berlin International Film Festival and was scheduled to be released February 26, 2020 in South Korea, but its release in South Korea was postponed due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, distributor Contents Panda has worked on international sales for the film and resists Little Big Pictures’ decision to release the film through Netflix. Without an agreement with Contents Panda, Little Big Pictures signed a contract with Netflix. “Time to Hunt” is directed by Yoon Sung-Hyun (“Bleak Night“).