Oct 30 2017

Haru Kuroki cast in movie “Nichinichikorekojitsu”

Haru Kuroki is cast for the lead role in upcoming movie “Nichinichikorekojitsu.” Kirin Kiki and Mikako Tabe are also cast for supporting roles in the movie. Movie is based on the essay “Nichinichikorekojitsu: Ocha ga Oshietekureta 15 no Shiawase” by Noriko Morishita  and directed by Tatsushi Omori. Story for “Nichinichikorekojitsu” follows a college age girl played by Haru Kuroki who begins taking lessons on the Japanese tea ceremony. “Nichinichikorekojitsu” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Oct 30 2017

OCN to air drama series “Longing Heart”

Cable channel OCN is now scheduled to air upcoming drama series “Longing Heart” starring Lee Jung-Shin, Lee Yeol-Eum and Seo Ji-Hoon. The drama series was originally scheduled to air on SBS Plus prior to changing to OCN. Filming for the drama series finished on October 25, 2017 and the drama series will air from January, 2018 in South Koera. “Longing Heart” will have 8 episodes and air in OCN’s Monday and Tuesday 9 PM time slot. Story for “Longing Heart” is a romantic-comedy with a time travel element.

Oct 30 2017

Actor Kim Ju-Hyeok dies from car accident

Actor Kim Ju-Hyeok got into a car accident around 4:30 PM on October 30, 2017 in Samseong Neighborhood, Gangam, Seoul, South Korea. He passed away around 6:30 PM at Konkuk University Medical Center. Kim Ju-Hyeok starred in such films as “Singles,” “The Servant,” “The Truth Beneath” and drama series like “Lovers in Prague,” “Terroir” and “Argon.” Kim Ju-Hyeok was 45 years old, not married, but dating actress Lee Yoo-Young.

Oct 28 2017

Main trailer for live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds”

Main trailer for live-action film “Laughing Under the Clouds” starring Sota Fukushi. Movie is based on popular manga series “Donten ni Warau” by Karakara-Kemuri and directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro. Story for “Laughing Under the Clouds” is set at the end of the Edo era with three brothers (Sota Fukushi,
Yuma Nakayama and Kirato Wakayama) attempting to prevent the rise of the giant snake “Orochi.”

“Laughing Under the Clouds” opens March 21, 2018 in Japan.

Oct 27 2017

Lee Ki-Woo cast in drama series “Four Men”

Lee Ki-Woo is now cast in upcoming drama series “Four Men” starring Park Hae-Jin and Nana. Lee Ki-Woo will play supporting character Kang Il-Kwon. Jo Hyun-Jae was originally cast to play Kang Il-Kwon, but he decided to drop out due to scheduling issues. Kang Il-Kwon is scripted as a bad character. He is the older brother of Kang Il-Hoon (Park Hae-Jin) and the successor of a large company.  He comes into conflict with his younger brother.

Filming for “Four Men” begins November, 2017 and the drama series will air sometime next year in South Korea.

Oct 27 2017

Teaser poster for movie “Sunny / 32”

Here’s a teaser poster for upcoming crime film “Sunny / 32” starring Rie Kitahara, Pierre Taki and Lily Franky. Movie is directed by Kazuya Shiraishi (“The Devil’s Path“/”Birds Without Names“) and screenplay by Izumi Takahashi (“The Devil’s Path“). Story for the film follows two men who call themselves “The Most Lovely Murderers in Criminal History” and are fans of idol Sunny. They kidnap a middle school teacher.

“Sunny / 32” will be released February 17, 2018 in Japan.