Feb 26 2019

Lee Jong-Suk to begin military service March 8, 2019

According to Lee Jong-Suk’s management company A Man Project, Lee Jong-Suk will begin his substitute military service on March 8, 2019. He is scheduled to finish his substitute military service on January 2, 2021. Lee Jong-Suk will perform substitute military service rather than the standard military service due to a car accident he was involved in as a middle school student. The accident caused a rupture of his cruciate ligament. For currently airing tvN drama series “Romance is a Bonus Book,” Lee Jong-Suk will finish filming on February 27, 2019.

Feb 26 2019

Trailer and poster for movie “Parallel World Love Story”

Main trailer and poster added for upcoming romance-mystery film “Parallel World Love Story” starring Yuta Tamamori, Riho Yoshioka and Shota Sometani. Movie is based on 1995 novel “Parallel World Love Story” by Keigo Higashino and directed by Yoshitaka Mori (“Space Brothers“). In addition, the movie’s theme song has been revealed as “Shitto Sareru Beki Jinsei” by singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada. Theme song “Shitto Sareru Beki Jinsei” is featured in the main trailer.

“Parallel World Love Story” will be released May 31, 2019 in Japan.

Feb 26 2019

Chang Ki-Yong cast in tvN drama series “WWW”

Chang Ki-Yong is now cast for the lead male role in upcoming tvN drama series “WWW” co-starring Lim Soo-Jung. Also cast in major supporting roles are Lee Da-Hee and Jeon Hye-Jin. For the drama series, Chan Ki-Yong will play Park Mo-Gun. He is a man in his 20’s, gifted as a composer and creates game music. He meets Bae Ta-Mi (Lim Soo-Jung) at an arcade and falls in love with her. Lee Da-Hee will play Cha Hyun. She works for a web portal company which is a rival to the company where Bae Ta-Mi works.

“WWW” first airs first half 2019 in South Korea.

Feb 25 2019

Teaser trailer and poster for horror film “0.0MHz”

Teaser trailer and teaser poster added for horror film “0.0MHz” starring Jung Eun-Ji, Lee Sung-Yeol (INFINITE), Choi Yoon-Young, Shin Joo-Hwan and Jung Won-Chang. Movie is based on webcomic “0.0MHz” by Jang Jak and directed by Yoo Sun-Dong (“Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp“). Caption at the top of the teaser poster states in Korean “Frequency calls for a ghost” and the caption at the middle right of the poster states “You’re … all dead.”

“0.0MHz” is now scheduled for release May, 2019 in South Korea.

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Feb 25 2019

Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Welcome to Waikiki Season 2”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Welcome to Waikiki Season 2” starring Lee Yi-Kyung, Kim Sun-Ho, Shin Hyun-Soo, Mun Ka-Young, Ahn So-Hee and Kim Ye-Won. The first teaser trailer shows the 6 main cast members dancing and goofing around. The singing narration says in Korean “Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2 every Monday and Tuesday 21:30 on JTBC. Come and have fun at Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2.”

“Welcome to Waikiki Season 2” first airs March 25, 2019 in South Korea.

Feb 25 2019

Noriyuki Higashiyama, Kento Nakajima & Akira Emoto cast Fuji TV drama special “Suna no Utsuwa”

Noriyuki Higashiyama, Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) & Akira Emoto are cast Fuji TV drama special “Suna no Utsuwa.” The drama series is based on 1961 novel “Suna no utsuwa” by Seicho Matsumoto. The crime-mystery-thriller will have Noriyuki Higashiyama playing lead character Detective Imanishi. Kento Nakajima will play supporting character and Akira Emoto will play supporting character Chiyokichi.

“Suna no Utsuwa” will air March 28, 2019 in Japan.

Feb 25 2019

Chun Woo-Hee, Jeon Yeo-Bin & Han Ji-Eun cast in JTBC drama series “Melo Suits Me”

Chun Woo-Hee, Jeon Yeo-Bin and Han Ji-Eun are cast in JTBC drama series “Melo Suits Me” (literal title). The drama series will be directed and scripted by Lee Byeong-Hun. Currently playing in South Korea movie theaters is movie “Extreme Job” which is also directed by Lee Byeong-Hun. The film is the first box-office hit of this year in South Korea and sold over 10 million tickets. For the drama series, the three female leads will play friends who are all 30-years-old. They also work in the entertainment industry.

“Melo Suits Me” first airs July, 2019 in South Korea.

Feb 22 2019

Main trailer and poster for live-action film “Kakegurui The Movie”

Main trailer and poster added for live-action film “Kakegurui The Movie” starring Minami Hamabe. The film is based on manga series “Kakegurui” by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura. The live-action film version follows 2018 TBS drama series “Kakegurui” and 2019 TBS drama series “Kakegurui Season 2.” Movie is directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa.

“Kakegurui The Movie” will be released May 3, 2019 in Japan.

Feb 22 2019

Teaser trailer #3 for tvN drama series “Confession”

Teaser trailer #3 added for upcoming tvN drama series “Confession” (English title) starring Lee Joon-Ho (‘2PM’). The teaser trailer features Lee Joon-Ho as Choi Do-Hyun and Yoo Jae-Myung as Ki Choon-Ho. Voice over by Lee Joon-Ho and Yoo Jae-Myung states in teaser trailer #3 “Either truth, either lie, either fabrication, either face. Once reached, verdict can not be dealt anymore. Law prohibiting double jeopardy. Fabricated truth, confession.”

“Confession” first airs March 23, 2019 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Saturday and Sunday 9PM time slot after “Romance is a Bonus Book.”).