January 9 2019

Teaser poster for movie “Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong”

Teaser poster added for upcoming movie “Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong” (literal title) starring Rain, Kang So-Ra and Lee Beom-Soo. Movie’s early literal title was just “Uhm Bok-Dong.” Caption on the teaser poster states in Korean “Japanese colonial era, there was a Korean and Japanese match with more passion than ever.” The film features Rain playing title character and real life person Uhm Bok-Dong. He competes in a bicycle match against Japanese cyclists during the Japanese colonial rule era. Kang So-Ra plays Korean independence fighter Kim Hyung-Shin.

“Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong” will be released February, 2019 in South Korea.

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