November 1 2017

Kong Hyo-Jin cast in movies “Bbaengban” and “Door Lock”

Actress Kong Hyo-Jin is cast in two new movies “Bbaengban” and “Door Lock.” For movie “Bbaengban,” Cho Jung-Seok has been offered the lead male role and Ryoo Joon-Yeol a major supporting character role. The title of the film “Bbaengban” is a shortened term for “Bbaengsoni Sago Josaban” which means literally “Hit And Run Accident Investigation Team.” In the film, Kong Hyo-Jin will play a police officer and a member of the hit and run accident investigation team. Movie will be directed by Han Jun-Hee (“Coin Locker Girl“) and filming begins spring, 2018.

The second film Kong Hyo-Jin is cast for is “Door Lock.” The film is setup as a mystery-thriller and revolves around a woman’s psychological horror. Filming for “Door Lock” begins January, 2018.

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