July 6 2017

Kim Ji-Won & Lee Min-Ki cast in movie “Detective K: 3”

Kim Ji-Won is now cast for the lead female role in movie “Detective K: 3” (working title) starring Kim Myung-Min and Oh Dal-Su. For the film, Kim Ji-Won will play a woman who has lost her memory. She tries to solve case(s) with Detective Kim Min (Kim Myung-Min) and Seo-Pil (Oh Dal-Su). Additionally, actor Lee Min-Ki is cast for a special appearance in the movie. He will play Heuk Do Po. He is a mysterious figure and central to the story.

Like its predecessors 2011 film “Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow” and 2015 film “Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island,” “Detective K: 3” will be released around Lunar New Year (February, 2018).

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