September 29 2017

Teaser trailer for OCN drama series “Bad Guys 2”

First teaser trailer added for OCN drama series “Bad Guys 2” starring Park Joong-Hoon, Joo Jin-Mo, Yang Ik-June and Kim Moo-Yul. As the title suggests, the drama series is a sequel to 2014 OCN drama series “Bad Guys,” but with a new cast playing new characters. The new cast is led by Park Joong-Hoon playing Prosecutor Woo Je-Moon. He recruits the bad guys who will work as a team to punish violent criminals. His team includes Joo Jin-Mo playing Heo Il-Hoo. He is a former mafia gang member. Yang Ik-June plays Detective Jang Sung-Cheol. Judging by his still image and his brief appearance in the teaser trailer, one may infer that the elevator may not go all the way to the top floor for him. Lastly, Kim Moo-Yul will play Rookie Prosecutor No Jin-Pyeong.

“Bad Guys 2” first airs December, 2017 in South Korea.

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