May 5 2017

Teaser trailer for MBC drama series “Lookout”

First teaser trailer for upcoming MBC drama series “Lookout” (literal title) starring Kim Young-Kwang & Lee Si-Young. Ep. 1 airdate is now set for May 22, 2017 in South Korea.

One Response to “Teaser trailer for MBC drama series “Lookout””

  1. Tristan

    Wow! Lee SiYoung kicking butt! You go girl. Finally a pretty face, knockout body and awesome natural acting. I am definitely “looking out”

    btw AsianWiki, what’s up with your moderators? bias much? You guys are like Suzy pawns or something? I noticed when someone criticizes the Media Hype & PR Queen you quickly delete that post. Whoa! chill out. I dunno how much her team’s paying you but educate your moderators, comments that are polite and provide honest feedback are alright. You guys are overly biased. I bet you’re gonna delete this post too eh? Jeez….

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