March 24 2020

Poem teaser trailer for KBS2 drama series “How to Buy a Friend”

New “poem” teaser trailer added for KBS2 drama series “How to Buy a Friend” starring Lee Sin-Young, Shin Seung-Ho, and Kim So-Hye. The teaser begins with Lee Sin-Young narrating with “Our spring began.”

“How to Buy a Friend” consists of 4 episodes and will air from April 6 – 14, 2020 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Park Chan-Hong (Lee Sin-Young) is an ordinary high school student. He has talent for writing and he gets pressured by his parents about his studies. Park Chan-Hong doesn’t have any specific dreams. He is friends with Eom Se-Yoon (Kim So-Hye), who attends the same high school. She is popular at school. Meanwhile, Heo Don-Hyeok (Shin Seung-Ho) is classmates with Park Chan-Hong. Heo Don-Hyeok is not interested in studying and he works to pay for his living expenses. One day, Heo Don-Hyeok saves Park Chan-Hong from a school bully. To pay for his rent, Heo Don-Hyeok asks to borrow 300,000 won ($270 USD) from Park Chan-Hong. Park Chan-Hong lends him the money, but that money was supposed to pay for his private institute tuition fee. After school, Park Chan-Hong now doesn’t have a place to go. He begins to spend time with Heo Don-Hyeok.

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