March 12 2018

Lee Jong-Suk cast in SBS drama special “Praise of Death”

Lee Jong-Suk is now cast in SBS drama special “Praise of Death” (literal title). The drama special is based on the true story of Kim Woo-Jin and Yun Sim-Deok. Lee Jong-Suk will play lead male character Kim Woo-Jin. While Korea is under Japanese occupation, Kim Woo-Jin works as a stage drama writer. While studying in Japan, he falls in love with Yun Sim-Deok even though he is already married. Yun Sim-Deok would go on to release the first Korean pop song titled “Praise of Death” in 1926.

Lee Jong-Suk is reportedly not receiving payment for his performance and instead performing to support director Park Soo-Jin whom he worked with previously in 2017 SBS drama series “While You Were Sleeping.” “Praise of Death” will consist of 2 episodes and will air sometime this year in South Korea.


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