October 18 2017

Lee Hong-Ki cast in tvN drama series “Hwayuki”

Lee Hong-Ki from ‘F.T. Island’ is cast in upcoming tvN drama series “Hwayuki” starring Cha Seung-Won and Oh Yeon-Seo. Actor Lee Seung-Gi is still considering an offer to play the lead male character and Yoon Bo-Ra from ‘Sistar’ is considering an offer to play a supporting female character.

For the drama series, Lee Hong-Ki will play P.K. His character is Zhu Bajie in the original classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West” which the drama series is based on. P.K is scripted as a top star and he gets various information based on his popularity and social skills. With the information he comes and goes between Son O-Gong and Woo Hwi-Cheol (Cha Seung-Won).”Hwayuki” will first air December, 2017 in South korea.

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