March 30 2016

Kim Rae-Won & Park Shin-Hye cast in SBS drama series “Doctors”

According to SBS, Kim Rae-Won and Park Shin-Hye are now cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Doctors.” Early working title for the drama series was “Yeoggangpae Hyejung” (“Female Gangster Hye-Jung”).

In SBS drama series “Doctors,” Kim Rae-Won will play Honh Ji-Hong. He is a neurosurgeon with intellect and affinity. He is also a realist. Park Shin-Hye will play Hye-Jung. Her character grew up as a troubled child and frequently got into fights. She was also very good in those fights. Hye-Jung is now a smart woman who has brought herself up to become a doctor.

“Doctors” first airs June 20, 2016 in South Korea.


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