August 7 2018

Kim Hee-Seon, Kim Young-Kwang and Kim Hae-Sook cast in tvN drama series “Room Nine”

Kim Hee-SeonKim Young-Kwang and Kim Hae-Sook are cast in tvN drama series “Room Nine.” The drama series will be directed by Ji Yeong-Su and screenplay written by Jung Sung-Hee.

In the drama series, Kim Hee-Seon plays ambitious attorney Eulji Hae-Yi. Kim Young-Kwan will play her husband Ki Yoo-Jin. He is a family doctor with a dark side. Lastly, Kim Hae-Sook will play death row convict Jang Hwa-Sa. When she meets attorney Eulji Hae-Yi in room 9 at her prison, they somehow exchange bodies.

“Room Nine” will first air September, 2018, taking over tvN’s Saturday and Sunday 9PM time slot after “Mr. Sunshine.”

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