February 6 2019

Character posters and teaser trailer #5 for SBS drama series “The Fiery Priest”

Here’s 4 character posters for upcoming SBS drama series “The Fiery Priest.” The character posters are of Kim Nam-Gil as Kim Hae-Il, Kim Sung-Kyun as Koo Dae-Young, Lee Ha-Nee as Park Kyung-Sun and Go Joon as Hwang Cheol-Bum. Caption in Korean on Kim Nam-Gil’s character poster states “When you gotta be angry, you have to be angry.” Kim Sung-Kyun’s poster states “I didn’t pay attention, because he is Catholic priest.” Caption on Lee Ha-Nee’s poster states “I believe I am justified.” Lastly, Go Joon’s character poster states “Even if I go to Hell, I’ll be a leader. That’s enough.”

In addition, teaser trailer #5 has been added on AsianWiki. “The Fiery Priest” will first air February 15, 2019 in South Korea.

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