September 27 2017

Chae Soo-Bin cast in MBC drama series “I’m Not a Robot”

Chae Soo-Bin is now cast for the lead female role in upcoming MBC drama series “I’m Not a Robot” co-starring Yoo Seung-Ho. In the drama series, Chae Soo-Bin will play Jo Ji-A. She helps others when they are in need and runs a small business. Her ex-boyfriend Hong Baek-Gyun asks her to act like a robot.

Meanwhile, Uhm Ki-Joon is cast to play the supporting character of Hong Baek-Gyun. He is the ex-boyfriend of Jo Ji-A and is a genius engineer in robotics. He created the android robot “Aji” with artificial intelligence.

“I’m Not a Robot” will first air November, 2017 in South Korea.

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