February 3 2018

Trailer for movie “Last Hold!”

Trailer for movie “Last Hold!” starring Ryoichi Tsukada (A.B.C-Z) and the 6 members from Johnny’s ‘Snow Men’ idol group Ryota Miyadate, Shota Watanabe, Tatsuya FukasawaRyohei Abe, Daisuke Sakuma and Hikaru Iwamoto. In addition, below are two still images from the film featuring supporting actors Masanobu Katsumura as a coach from a rival school. The second still image is of Ryusuke Komakine & Munenori Nagano. Story for “Last Hold!” follows senior university student Okajima (Ryoichi Tsukada). He is the sole member of the school’s rock climbing club and he is about to graduate. So the club can continue, Okajima seeks out new members.

“Last Hold!” will be released May 12, 2018 in Japan.

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