September 27 2017

Trailer for movie “Goodbye, Grandpa”

Trailer for movie “Goodbye, Grandpa” starring Yukino Kishii, Ryo Iwamatsu and Jun Miho. Movie is based on an original screenplay by Sahoko Yamazaki and directed by Yukihiro Morigaki. Movie has been selected to have its world premiere at this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival (October 25-November 3, 2017) in the “Japanese Cinema Splash” section.

“Goodbye, Grandpa” will have its general release November 4, 2017 in Japan.

One Response to “Trailer for movie “Goodbye, Grandpa””

  1. these guys writing company

    I love movies about family and its values. It’s somehow symbolic, when you watch such a movie and then call someone you love, just because it dawns on you that you miss her/him.

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