February 14 2020

Teaser poster for movie “Theater”

Teaser poster for movie “Theater” starring Kento Yamazaki and Mayu Matsuoka. In addition, supporting cast members have been announced for the film and they are: Kanichiro, Sairi Itoh, Satoru Iguchi (‘King Gnu’), Kodai Asaka, Shusaku Kamikawa, Ritsu Otomo and Masaki Miura. Caption on the poster states “I go to meet the person that I want to meet the most. Why did I not do that matter of course.”

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: Nagata (Kento Yamazaki) works as a writer and director for theater company Oroka. His work has not received positive responses and ticket sales has not increased. Making things worse, his relationship with the theatrical troupe is not good. Nagata feels lonely. One day, he sees a woman named Saki (Mayu Matsuoka) on the street. She is wearing the same sneakers as he is. Nagata talks to her. Saki is a university student and she dreams of becoming an actress. Nagata and Saki fall in love.

“Theater” will be released April 17, 2020 in Japan.

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