May 15 2018

Tatsuya Fujiwara cast in movie “Diner”

Tatsuya Fujiwara is cast in movie “Diner.” The film is based on 2012 novel “Diner” by Yumeaki Hirayama and the movie is directed by Mika Ninagawa. For Mika Ninagawa, “Diner” is her third directed feature film following 2007 film “Sakuran” and 2012 film “Helter Skelter.” In the movie, Tatsuya Fujiwara will play Bombero. He is the owner and chef of a members only restaurant whose clients are all contract killers.

Filming for “Diner” started April 24, 2018 and filming will finish early next month. “Diner” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

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