August 4 2017

Tao Tsuchiya and Kyoko Yoshine cast in live-action film “Kasane”

Tao Tsuchiya and Kyoko Yoshine are cast in live-action film “Kasane.” The film is based on manga seriesĀ “Kasane” by Daruma Matsuura and directed by Yuichi Sato.

In the upcoming film, Kyoko Yoshine will play talented actress, but unattractive Kasane Fuchi. Tao Tsuchiya will play untalented actress, but beautiful Nina Tanzawa. The unattractice Kasane Fuchi has a lipstick that possesses magical like powers. Whenever Kasane Fuchi applies the lipstick and kisses someone she can possess that person’s face.

Filming for “Kasane” begins August 4, 2017 and finishes mid-September, 2017.

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