October 4 2018

Takumi Saito cast in movie “Mahjong Horoki 2020”

Takumi Saito is cast in movie “Mahjong Horoki 2020.” The film is based on novel “Mahjong Horoki” by Takehiro Irokawa and directed by¬†Kazuya Shiraishi. Kazuya Shiraishi is known more for his darker suspense films like “The Devil’s Path” and “Birds Without Names.” In the film “Mahjong Horoki 2020,” Takumi Saito plays main character¬†Boyatetsu. He travels to the year 2020 from the year 1945. While he becomes acclimated to a Tokyo that deals with a declining population and rising unemployment rate, he tries to play mahjong.

“Mahjong Horoki 2020” will be released April 5, 2019 in Japan.

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