March 19 2018

Taiki Sato, Rina Kawaei, Yua Shinkawa cast in live-action film “Sensei Kunshu”

Taiki Sato (‘EXILE’ & ‘FANTASTICS’), Rina KawaeiYua Shinkawa and Riko Fukumoto are cast in supporting roles for upcoming live-action film “Sensei Kunshu.” Ryoma Takeuchi and Minami Hamabe play lead characters in the film, which were announced previously. For the supporting characters:

Taiki Sato plays Kotake Sawada. He is the childhood friend of Ayuha Samaru (Minami Hamabe) and he likes her secretly.

Rina Kawaei plays Aoi Nakamura. She is friends with Ayuha Samaru and she is an otaku.

Yua Shinkawa plays Aika Saimon. She is childhood friends with Yoshitaka Hiromitsu (Ryoma Takeuchi) and she is pianist.

Riko Fukumoto plays Kaho.

In addition, “Sensei Kunshu” is now scheduled to be released August 1, 2018 in Japan. “Sensei Kunshu” is based on manga “Sensei Kunshu” by Momoko Koda.

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