January 10 2019

Sosuke Ikematsu & Yu Aoi cast in live-action film “Miyamoto kara Kimi e”

Sosuke Ikematsu and Yu Aoi are cast in live-action film “Miyamoto kara Kimi e.” Movie is based on manga series “Miyamoto kara Kimi e” by¬†Hideki Arai and follows 2018 TV Tokyo drama series “Miyamoto kara Kimi e.” Also cast in the live-action film are Kenichi Matsuyama, Tokio Emoto, Hosshan and Kanji Furutachi. All of the announced cast members appeared in the drama series version and will reprise their respective roles. Filming for the movie began September 29, 2018 and finished October 30, 2018. Below is a still image from the movie with Sosuke Ikematsu as Hiroshi Miyamoto and Yu Aoi as Yasuko Nakano. Tetsuya Mariko also returns to direct the live-action film version.

“Miyamoto kara Kimi e” will be released sometime during autumn, 2019 in Japan.

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