September 19 2017

Shunsuke Daito & Takara Sakumoto cast in movie “You tachi Happy Eigaban Himawari”

Shunsuke Daito and Takara Sakumoto are cast in movie “You tachi Happy Eigaban Himawari.” Movie is based on an original screenplay by Tatsuya Kanazawa and directed by Toru Sugimoto. Also cast in supporting roles are Tokuma Nishioka and Narumi Kuranoo (‘AKB48‘). Roles for the two female leads will be determined through auditions that will be held in Nasukarasuyama, Japan where the movie is set in. Story for the film follows two female high school students who volunteer at a local FM radio station. They set out to help out the local festival “Yamaage Matsuri” as its experiencing difficulties. Shunsuke Daito and Takara Sakumoto will play two men who arrive in Nasukarasuyama to work at the radio station.

“You tachi Happy Eigaban Himawari” will be released sometime during summer, 2018 in Japan.

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