July 24 2017

Rio Uchida cast in live-action Fuji TV drama “Meals Shogi Player Loved”

Rio Uchida is cast in upcoming live-action Fuji TV drama “Meals Shogi Player Loved.” The drama series is based on manga “Shogi Meshi” by Nagisa Matsumoto, with screenplay adaptation handled by Yoriko Kodama. In the drama series, Rio Uchida will play main character Nayuta Toge. She is professional shogi player and her matches usually last for about 10 hours. Nayuta Toge also carefully thinks about what her meals will be during the breaks in her matches.

“Meals Shogi Player Loved” streams on FOD (Fuji TV On Demand) beginning July 31, 2017 and airs on Fuji TV beginning August 2, 2017 in Japan.


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