July 25 2017

Rika Adachi and Yukihisa Tamura cast in movie “Kiss Dekiru Gyoza”

Rika Adachi and Yukihisa Tamura (‘Boys and Men’) are cast in movie “Kiss Dekiru Gyoza.” The film is written and directed by Takehiko Hata. Besides writing screenplays for numerous drama series, Takehiko Hata also wrote the original novel that the “Unfair” series is based off.

Story for “Kiss Dekiru Gyoza” will have Rika Adachi playing divorcee and single mother Yoko Fujita. While raising her daughter, Yoko Fujita tries to revive her parents’ gyoza restaurant and she falls in love with professional golfer Ryo Iwahara (Yukihisa Tamura).

“Kiss Dekiru Gyoza” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

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